Wednesday, 26 November 2014

life | back for good

I seem to find myself writing these posts way too often - the 'I haven't posted in ages, I've been really busy, life got in the way' posts. 

And that's all true to an extent - I have been pretty busy. But I've also not had much get up and go recently as well. I finished university this May and since then I've been working pretty hard to find myself a job. I've been doing different bits and bobs to keep me busy and have been working at different places - but it's all internships and work experience.

And I've absolutely loved every minute of one of my internships at a local radio station. It's definitely not something I thought I'd be doing but I really do love it and have learnt so much from it.

What really gets me down though is the constant question of 'so have you got a job yet?' that comes from every side - the parents, the family, the boyfriend, the boyfriend's family - even customers in my dads newsagents ask me! And it's pretty disheartening to constantly find yourself saying 'not yet, I'm just doing work experience at the minute'. 

So I've kind of lost the oomph of writing on here because of it. Which is bloody crazy seen as writing on my blog gives me something to fill my time and helps me with journalism in general.

So I'm kicking myself into motion now. Every day I haven't got something to do, I'm going to write something. And not just something crap that no one's going to find interesting just to fill my time - I'm going to REALLY try to write good stuff.

I want to start enjoying everything a bit more, because for some reason I've just been feeling pretty down in the dumps lately. What I should be doing is enjoying the time I have off now - because as soon as I get a job, chances are I won't be getting many breaks!

Have you felt like this recently? How do you get the drive to carry on writing and keeping upbeat?
Any tips would be greatly appreciated!