Saturday, 24 May 2014

style | floral playsuit

floral playsuit | Miss Selfridge
necklace | H & M (old)
earrings | Topshop (old)

Picture-heavy post today! I had one of those days where every picture turned out quite nice and I wanted to use them all! 

You can never go wrong with a playsuit in my opinion. I wore this lovely little outfit to one of my best friend's 21st parties last weekend and really loved wearing it. The playsuit is just really flattering, although a little on the short side on my super long body! Occasional bum shot sadly! I think this playsuit is so classy though, even with the shortness of it, and I felt like quite a lady in it! I also love the cutout, as it adds a bit of interest to the back of it, and I always like showing off my back as it's much classier than getting your boobies out!

I'd also have to say that this playsuit is so difficult to go to the toilet in after a few vodka and cranberrys - it opens with some buttons on the left shoulder and then a small zip but buttons are so damn difficult to do up when you're tipsy!

I just paired it with some new shoes from New Look and some nice understated gold jewellery.

In other news it's my 21st birthday this coming Sunday so I might be a little MIA over the next week or two!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

beauty | Garnier Simply Essentials Soothing 2-in-1 makeup remover

We all have those products that we would happily repurchase again and again and can't see ourselves  replacing. For me, that's the Garnier Simply Essentials Soothing 2-in-1 makeup remover. A ridiculously long title for such a simple product but we can overlook that because of how good this makeup remover is.

I don't wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis but I do wear waterproof mascara every day (sensitive eyes = my eyes cry at EVERYTHING) so I am always in need of a heavy duty remover to get rid of it all. However, with my dry/normal skin I also need my remover to be sensitive on my skin as well. Step in Garnier. I've loved Garnier for years and use their products daily (micellar water, moisturiser, BB cream) so can always trust them with my skin.

The Soothing makeup remover has two different liquids that need to be shaken together to activate the product. These are a makeup removing oil (blue) and cleansing water (clear). These two products work together on the skin to remove all traces of makeup, but in a really soothing and sensitive way. I simply hold a cotton pad soaked in the remover on each eye for 10 seconds or so and carefully wipe it away, and all of my mascara is removed. Then for the rest of my face I use circular movements and it is all swiped away easily. It also doesn't cause irritation to my eyes - I have sometimes accidentally gotten a little of the product into my eyes but it has never hurt or made them water which is a definite bonus for me. 

However, there is a residue left over from the product - obviously due to the oil - which means that I wash my face after using the remover just to make sure there is none left. On the few occasions where I haven't washed my face, my skin hasn't broken out though so it shows that the oil doesn't result in spotty skin!

I'm so impressed with this makeup remover and this is now my third bottle of the product. It lasts for months at a time and really does remove makeup quickly and easily. I'd highly recommend this if you're on the lookout for a cheap and cheerful - yet totally worth every penny - makeup remover as it really does wonders!

The Garnier Simply Essentials Soothing 2-in-1 makeup remover can be bought for £3 for 200ml at ASDA

Friday, 16 May 2014

style | i kind of shrunk my smock dress

smock dress | river island via asos
disco pants | new look 
coat | fearne cotton at very
shoes | miss selfridge
bitch face | model's own

We've all been there haven't we: got caught up in another episode of PLL and accidentally forget about that drying we put on 40 minutes ago. I'm a prime suspect whenever it comes to shrinking clothes in my house and the newest victim was my lovely smock dress that I got last year.

 It was always a tad short on me so after it got the shrinking treatment it's basically been hanging in my wardrobe looking all sorry for itself. I can just about get away with it with a pair of extremely thick tights - as long as there's not a hint of wind in the air or it would definitely be a case of 'HELLO LAURA'S BUTTCHEEKS!' so I decided to try it out with my disco pants and think it looks surprisingly nice. Smock dresses are a number one for me just because they are so comfy so I'm loving being able to wear this one still even after my slip up!

 I'm also really glad I was able to get this coat out again - I bought it a year or two ago and have never really known how to wear it just because I thought the shape was quite unflattering on me. However, now that boyfriend coats are a 'thing' I think it's a lot more acceptable to have coats which aren't the most flattering so I've barely taken this one off!

Has anyone else had a major mishap with their clothes that they have somehow been able to work?!
Let me know!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

misery loves company:

A bit of a different post from me today about something that has really been on my mind overnight..

So last night a few minutes before I went to bed I decided to do one last check of Twitter and saw that something pretty big had gone down in the blogging community. I'll be honest, I was late to the party (so late in fact that the party was over!) and could only get a little bit of information from reading other people's tweets and hashtags.

From what I could gather, it seems that there is a website called that is a place where people can go and publicly 'bash' other bloggers and youtubers - and can do it anonymously. It seems that last night some of these anonymous bashers had been revealed and were getting lots of grief over Twitter because of what they had been saying. I'm not completely sure if this is the total story so please let me know if this is right or wrong!

But what really griped me about this entire thing is that something like even exists. I have heard in the past about the dark side of blogging, but what with being a pretty small blog within this community I have always only had lovely comments and tweets. To have this entire site dedicated to shaming bloggers completely shocked me and it makes me question who on earth can think that this website is a good idea?!

Users of seem completely warped, commenting on bloggers' and youtubers' lives - including their paychecks, their boyfriends, their families, where they live, what they look like, how they style their hair, their weight - even what their bloody eyebrows look like!

 It annoys me no end how these users think they know these bloggers and youtubers enough to comment on the private parts of their lives - just because we watch a 5 minute video or read a blog post does not mean that we have the right to say whatever the hell we want about them - they are just normal people who happen to have a blog or youtube channel with a large readership. If you don't like what they have to say then don't subscribe, you don't have to bitch and whine about them on a website!

They do say that as you go up, there are more and more people who want to pull you back down. It's sad to think that as these people get more successful they get more hate in response, and that it is only the horrible comments that get airtime. If this was a website full of lovely comments about these bloggers and youtubers, it definitely wouldn't be written about and creating such a storm.

Basically, the people who use sites like this are most likely doing it because they are jealous, and as they say misery loves company. I kind of wish I had never even found out about this dark side to blogging just because it shows how jealous people can get because of someone else's success.

Were you involved in the Twitter storm last night? I'd love to hear what actually happened!
What do you think about sites like

I'd love to hear what everyone else thinks about this!

Monday, 5 May 2014

beauty | lipstick collection

Just a quick post from me today, featuring my pretty tiny collection of lip products. I'm a huge fan of colour and lipsticks on other people, but feel that most of the time I can't pull it off or really just can't be bothered with it (too many touch ups/lipstick on teeth moments). 
Although my collection is pretty damn tiny every lipstick is well loved and used pretty regularly though so I can't complain!


L-R: The Body Shop '66' | Collection 'Pink Shock' | Rimmel/Kate Moss '101' | Collection 'Valentine'
Rimmel/Kate Moss '107' | Topshop 'Macaroon' | Rimmel Moisture Renew 'In Love With Ginger'


L-R: Rimmel Apocolips 'Luna' | Benefit 'Benetint' | Revlon Colourburst 'Audacious'

I've reviewed quite a few of these lip products separately so check out the links below for individual reviews!

How big is your lipstick collection? Do you have any recommendations for me?!