Tuesday, 29 October 2013

the beauty post | clearasil ultra rapid action pads

£4 - tesco (currently on offer)
i've always been pretty lucky with my skin and rarely suffer from breakouts and spots on my face. this is always a good thing until you actually get a spot or two and don't have a clue how to treat it! 
this happened to me last week - i woke up one day with a rather grisly friend on my chin and flew into a panic over how to get rid of it. on my weekly food shop in tesco i went to the skincare aisle and found this little pot of rapid action pads by clearasil. all of the products i use day-to-day are by clearasil and i am always really impressed by them so threw this into my trolley and hoped it would help me out.

the packaging states that using a pad on the area of the post will "reduce spot size and redness in just four hours" which i was pretty sceptical about - if it was this much of a wonder product surely it would be more than £4! 

when i first opened the tub i was knocked back by the scent that came out of it. it's such a strong pungent smell which i really don't like - it smell really alcoholic and not nice at all. i also noticed how saturated each pad is. they are completely covered with the liquid and i personally liked this as it made it a lot easier to cover the entire face with the product and i only have to use one pad at a time. 

at the end of the day, i washed my face to get rid of all traces of my make up and took one of the pads to my freshly-dried face. straight away my eyes started watering from the scent - i have quite sensitive eyes myself, but i can see this making even normal eyes water! i also realised that the pad is very coarse and could easily irritate skin if used too harshly or excessively. 

once i had rubbed the pad all over my face the residue sank into my skin and i could really feel the product doing it's work and i could feel a slight difference in my skin straight away. i also really liked the tingling effect i felt for a good 10 minutes or so after - but i think it's a personal thing and for some people it would really annoy them and put them off. i then let the product work over night as i slept.

in terms of clearing up my spot, i definitely noticed a difference when i woke up the next morning. my skin wasn't as raised or red, and it was a lot less noticeable. i really do think that these pads helped my problem areas and found that the rest of my skin also felt a lot smoother and under control so i was left pretty impressed.

the packaging says that these pads can be used twice a day in the morning and night but i really wouldn't recommend this myself. i have combination/normal skin and even mine could become easily irritated if i used it more than once a week or so. i will only be using this when my skin acts up and becomes problematic rather than a part of my daily routine. i'd also definitely say to tread carefully and maybe even stay away completely if you have sensitive skin. these are pretty hardcore in terms of how harsh they can be and i really think that sensitive skin could be really wrecked by this!

overall, i do think that this product is pretty good as a weekly part of a skincare routine and can help my skin to feel really lovely and smooth. i can see myself buying these again in the future, but this tub will last me a long time until then!

this tub currently costs £4 from tesco for 65 pads.

Friday, 25 October 2013

the style post | basic friday

top & jacket - primark | vest (underneath) and jeans - topshop | boots - river island

how long do my feet look here?! so weird

bracelets - portuguese market (see post here)
i can't believe how tired i am today. well actually i can - staying up until 1am catching up on towie and misfits when i had to be up at 7am for uni probably did it. i don't even know why i let myself get so little sleep but for some reason i woke up this morning absolutely shattered but determined to do some work!

i was meant to be at uni this morning, and i set off in my car with all the intentions of getting there, but the rain and weather was so bad on the motorway i didn't want to risk it - i could just see a big accident happening on there so i came home to work instead.

so far i've already completed one of my essays for uni and it's only after 10am! score! now i'm having a little break before starting on the next one, and then i need to send a few emails and do a bit or organising. it's the first time since i started my third year at uni that i actually feel on top on my workload! 

i'm also getting my hair done this afternoon which i'm so excited for - it's been ages since i last went so my roots are coming through like mad. i'm hoping to get a few lighter streaks through as i really want lighter hair now. i'm definitely aiming to get caramel-brown hair at some point but it's really taking a long time as i used to have red hair and it's a bitch to get out after!

today i'm just wearing a basic top-and-jeans combo. i've actually be complemented quite a few times at my nack of picking up gems from primark - this jacket has been a hit at uni and people really can't believe it's primark. this sheer top is also a favourite of mine. i love the chain detailing as it means i don't need a necklace or to accessorise!

i also tried something new with my hair today, a fishtail plait that 's started right at the nape of my neck. i do really love a good fishtail plait, and it keeps the hair out of my face whenever i get attacked by this bitter wind england has picked up recently!

it's becoming so difficult to take some good photos of outfits during the day now - i usually get up in pitch black nowadays for uni and then am out of the house all day - winter lighting really does suck for outfit posts! so you will have to bear with me until i get a good routine!

i've got quite a few interesting posts coming up soon - i'm also hoping to do a few recipes as well so keep an eye out!

also, we're into the last 2 days of my giveaway so please don't forget to enter below!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

the beauty post | garnier moisture match mattifying day cream

superdrug - currently on offer for  £2.98 (usually £5.99)

now i am unlucky enough to get oily skin in my t-zone throughout the day and am always looking for ways to combat it - or at least keep the problem under control. when i heard that garnier brought out a day cream specified for oily skin i jumped at the chance to try it. it's basically a general day cream expect the mixture is whipped like a sorbet - making it lighter and a lot less dense so it doesn't feel to heavy on the skin. this makes oily skin able to breathe and not get too bogged down with product, keeping my oil problem under control. 

i just pop a pea-sized amount all over my face in an even layer before i go on to apply the rest of my make up. it feels so lovely and light and i really do think it's helping me keep on top of any excess oil, and i can definitely see and feel a huge difference.

i cannot see myself straying from this day cream for a long time now and it will be a staple in my make up bag. i might actually have to go and stock up on it now as it is currently on offer at superdrug now!

have you tried this product before?
do you think it actually works for you?

Monday, 21 October 2013

100 FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY - a small change..

hi guys!
as it's been getting closer and closer to the end of my giveaway i've been getting prepared with the packaging and how i'll be sending the prizes and have found some news concerning nail varnish.
i can't find out for certain whether or not i can actually send nail varnish with royal mail - many people have said you can and then there are just as many saying you can't! i thought it would be better to be safe rather than sorry and so have made a little change to my giveaway and what you can actually win. 

instead of getting the barry m nail varnish in 'coral' i have decided to add the mua pro-base eye primer instead. i thought this would go really well with the eyeshadow palette and eyeliner to create a really lovely look and will also ease my mind on whether i can actually post it or not!

you'll still get the palette, lipstick and eyeliner..
.. and now the MUA eye primer!
i do really rate the mua pro-base eye primer - read my review here - and hope the winner enjoys it as much as i do!

i hope this news is ok with everyone and that you aren't too annoyed and understand - this is the first giveaway i have ever hosted so i'm a definite newbie on this front! 

thanks, and good luck again!

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Friday, 18 October 2013

the lifestyle post | cat lady phone cover

phone case - £19.99 - iconemesis

i was recently reading one of my favourite blogs at the moment - charlotte over at www.coloursandcarousels.com - when i saw this post  and i promtly fell in love with her phone case. now if you've read this blog long enough - or follow me on instagram (laurapratt_) - then you'll know i am an avid cat lady and love everything to do with cats. it was basically a couple of hours before i couldn't hold it any longer and found myself on iconemesis putting the case in my cart and literally throwing my money at them.

i personally can't think of anything better than a few cats having a party on the back of my phone, and i have already had so many comments and compliments on it. 

the case itself is really well made. the parts around the buttons on the side of my phone are strong and not flimsy at all - i've had plastic phone cases which have broken so easily around the edges because they weren't good quality whereas this case really is. the only thing i would say is that due to being plastic and not giving any protection along the top and bottom of the screen, you have to be more careful because it is much more likely to smash if you drop it. 

overall i am so damn pleased with this case and really do love it! a huuuuge thankyou to charlotte for sharing it with me and making me fall head over heels for it! 

you can buy this case here. however, if you are more of a dog person, why not check out the pug version here?

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

the beauty post | balance me shine on tinted lip salve

all the way back in july i got this tinted lip salve free with glamour magazine. it's described to hydrate, protect and smooth away dry patches on the lips whilst leaving them with a lovely colour. 

i've got to be honest, i really don't think i personally get along with this lip salve at all. first off, the applicator is also a disappointment, as i've always hated tubes that make you use plastic to apply the product - it can be rough and feel pretty horrible on my lips. 
 i find the product itself to be really sticky, which i hate on my lips - i don't think anyone likes getting their hair stuck on their lips and getting products all through their hair! i also don't think it really that hydrating on my lips - it feels ok to begin with but starts becoming grainy and uneven after just a few minutes. instead of treating my dry patches, it just seems to cling to them and cover them up. 
the colour pay-off is also hardly anything to write home about - it only offers a sheer, almost unnoticeable colour, and definitely doesn't come anywhere close to what it looks like in the tube. it has really small particles of red and orange glitter running through the salve, which aren't visible on the lips and i don't really know what the point of them was.

the only saving grace for this lip salve is the smell - it smells so divine that i actually can find myself having a sniff of it whilst i'm rooting through my make up. it's a really fruity scent, almost leaning towards oranges rather than raspberries. i would be much happier if balance me brought this fragrance out in a candle rather than a lip salve!

overall i am happy i didn't spend my money on this product as it would have personally been a waste of my money! i really wouldn't recommend it and would much rather turn to vaseline or the nivea lip butters if you're looking for a hydrating balm. 

if however, you do want to buy this, there are several on sale on ebay, so go check them out!

ps; i feel like i've been uncharacteristically ranty in this post, why am i in such a mood?!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

the sunday post | topshop wishlist

playsuit || jumpsuit || heels || bag || lipstick

don't you just love those times when you're trying to stop spending money and then find yourself on the topshop website.. here are some of my favourite pieces that i found today which caught my eye.

i've actually already bought this lovely playsuit in black (there's a picture of it on my instagram if you're interested - here.) and really love how wearable it is - i can dress it up or down really easily. i got told by the lovely chanelle that it also came in this powder blue colour, and i really am restraining to buy it in this colour as well! it's also a celeb favourite and was seen on michelle keegan recently.

i have never actually owned a jumpsuit but i really think they are so pretty - especially on a night out and in winter to keep you a little bit warmer! i think they would look nice on me because of how tall i am, and i definitely love the jacquard print on this one. 

i will always have a love for a good chunky heel and these platforms are right up my street. they remind me of the zara platforms that came out recently and i've always found topshop heels to be really well made and sturdy. these are a little on the pricey side but i do think they are really versatile and i would get a LOT of wear out of them. 

THE BAG - £60
this bag is such a beautiful colour - a really punchy orange shade. i think it would work wonders on a night out in a fully black outfit (maybe with the jumpsuit and heels in this post!). i'm also loving the little padlock detail on the front, and it is made from real leather so i bet it feels so damn soft. it's obviously really expensive so i think my love affair with this bag starts and ends with this post!

i actually almost bought this lipstick in 'peach sundae' last week but opted for 'macaroon' instead which i reviewed here. it's just a lovely peachy matte shade which i think would probably have worked better over summer, but i might end up buying this on my next shop in topshop.

now does anyone have a spare £227 lying about so i can go and buy everything on this wishlist?!
please and thankyou.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

the beauty post | topshop lips in 'macaroon'

'macaroon' lips - £8 - topshop
over the weekend me and my dad went on a little trip to the trafford centre in manchester, and i finally bit the bullet and bought my first ever piece of topshop make up, a lipstick in the colour 'macaroon'. i first went looking for a matte orange-y shade of lipstick (possibly along the lines of 'peach sundae') when 'macaroon' caught my eye. i loved the bright coral-pink shade and when i swatched the tester on the back of my hand, i was blown away by how creamy and easy the formula was to apply. i didn't think twice and ran straight to the counter and am so glad i did, as i really love this lipstick!

in terms of the actual lipstick, the colour is a lovely punchy pink which can also look a little coral in some lights. as you can see in the close-up above of the bullet, there are a few gold speckles of glitter, but once on the lips this isn't noticeable at all and it just has a really lovely sheen. the lipstick is described as 'velvet finish' which i think describes it perfectly. it doesn't drag on the lips and is really easy to apply and is buildable depending on how bright you want it to be. 

the only negatives i have found is that the wear time isn't anything impressive, which i'm not surprised about as i find this with most lipsticks which aren't matte. you do find yourself topping up throughout the day, but it's not too often so i can't complain. i also found that it really picks up on any dry areas on my lips and clings to them. i've found that most reviews say the same thing about most lipsticks from topshop, and it isn't as clingy as the matte shades. i find i need to apply some lip balm before applying it and would definitely recommend using a lip scrub beforehand to really make application flawless.

overall i really do love this lipstick because of the shade and formula. now that i have dipped my toes into the world of topshop make up i can see myself stocking up on a lot more of their products!

'macaroon' costs £8 and can be bought here.

have you bought any lipsticks from topshop? what do you think of this particular shade?

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

the style post | the quilting addiction continues..

quilted tee - miss selfridge | jeans - topshop (old) | boots - RI via asos

earrings - topshop (old)
another quilted t-shirt has wormed it's way into my wardrobe, and this time it's a white one! i recently talked about my love for a black pleather quilted tee here and i think i can safely say that the quilting trend is definitely one my favourites for autumn/winter. it's just such an easy way to amp up a standard tee and make it much more interesting. plus, they are much warmer than just cotton and keep me toasty!

this white tee is from miss selfridge and costs £25. however, for students they do a 20% discount so it was only £20 which i think is so great for a piece i will constantly wear! i love how soft the material is and the pattern at the front is just lovely.

i paired it today with a new hairstyle for me - i generally always wear my hair down but i put it in a low pony today to really show off the top's detail. let's just hope my neck doesn't get too chilly today!

i also started a giveaway on my blog yesterday. i'm giving away some of my most-loved make up items, so if you want a chance to win check it out here - you'd be crazy not to! 

i'm running off to uni now for the afternoon, so i'll talk to you all soon! 
do you own any quilted tops? would you wear this one?

Monday, 7 October 2013


i have been meaning to set up this post for a good couple of weeks now but have only just got round to it - naughty laura! basically, i recently hit 100 followers on GFC and wanted to celebrate it with a little giveaway. these four gifts are some of my favourite make-up products - all of which i have reviewed on my blog at some point.

if you want to go and check out my reviews and look at swatches etc., feel free to look at the links below:

terms and conditions
- the only mandatory votes are to follow my blog on GFC and Bloglovin'

- the giveaway will only be for people living in the UK, as some of the products cannot be delivered overseas using normal postal services
- the giveaway will end in 3 weeks on the 28th october, and the winner will be announced on twitter and this blog post

- the winner will need to respond within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen instead

if there is anything else you need to know about my giveaway, don't hesitate to contact me on: 

thankyou and good luck!

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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

the beauty post | skincare heroes

we all have those skincare products that we turn to again and again in times of need. i have creams for literally every type of skin problem i can have and none of them have failed me (as of yet!).

my skincare routine starts when i'm in the shower. i use the clearasil rapid action scrub every morning and night as it really clears all of the dirt out of my pores and makes my skin feel so smooth. i've been using this scrub for more than two years now and have never had any problems with it in terms of being too harsh or making my skin break out.

i then turn to my trusty clearasil skin perfecting wash which is a lovely creamy face wash which cleanses my skin and really gets into my pores, making them soak up all the goodness in the face wash. i generally just use a small pump all over my face and really massage it in, and if i have enough time i will leave it on for a little extra time to really soak in.

next up, after my shower, is the benefit triple performing facial emulsion. this is basically just a very light face cream which is great for oily skin, as it is oil-free. i used this to death over summer as it has an spf of 15 and offers a lot of moisturisation without being too oily and heavy. i've had this bottle now for almost 10 months and i am so happy to see it is still quite full.

though the colder months i replace the facial emulsion with the benefit total moisture facial cream. this is a much heavier version of the facial emulsion and offers so much hydration to the skin that i only use it sparingly so i don't break out. it is also hydra-concentrated so a little bit really does go a long way.

my final choice of face cream is the garnier moisture match mattifying fresh cream. this cream is the newest cream in my collection and is purpose-made for oily and combination skin. it has a lovely whipped and light feel, and is described as a 'sorbet' finish which hydrates the skin but doesn't make it greasy. i'd say it is my highstreet version of the benefit facial emulsion and one that i use every morning.

my go-to eye cream of choice at the moment is the benefit it's potent! eye cream which promises to hide dark circles around the eyes with brightening particles. i actually can't see much of a difference in terms of my circles being any lighter and less noticeable, but i do appreciate keeping my skin hydrated to keep wrinkles at bay!

my usual day-to-day primer at the moment is the nivea daily essentials express hydration primer. it is a lovely gel-like formula which glides over the skin and offer hydration as well as a lovely base for make up. it evens out my skin and prepares it for whatever else i throw on my face. it's also cheap as chips!

whenever i need a little more coverage than usual with my make up i turn to my garnier miracle skin perfector bb cream. it's quite a thick and creamy cream with a texture of a cream rather  than a tinted moisturiser. it offers enough coverage to hide any blemishes whilst still looking natural, and i really want to try the newest one out which is specifically for oily skin!

when i need to take my make up off after a long day i use my simple eye make up remover with a few cotton pads. it's a really gentle and simple (obviously!) way of taking my stubborn waterproof mascara off as well as all the other gunk around my eyes, and also seems to moisturise the skin as well.

whenever i have a little bit of time to myself i treat my skin to a good old mask. at the moment i'm using the biore clay mask as it really gets into all of the pores and gets rid of all the nasties that are hiding in my skin. i just leave it on for a couple of minutes (sometimes up to 15 minutes) and wash it off with warm water. i would just say that it really takes all of the dirt out and can leave your skin feeling a little dry so i whack on one of my creams to lock in moisture.

and there we go! obviously i don't use all of these products every month, never mind every day, but it is just a general look into how i look after my skin. i do really love each and every one of the skincare products i've mentioned above so would definitely recommend any of them!

ps; i've decided to bite the bullet and get a separate twitter account for my blog! i only created it today so haven't been able to follow many (if any) people yet but will do so soon! 
if you fancy, you can check my blog's twitter out here