Friday, 18 October 2013

the lifestyle post | cat lady phone cover

phone case - £19.99 - iconemesis

i was recently reading one of my favourite blogs at the moment - charlotte over at - when i saw this post  and i promtly fell in love with her phone case. now if you've read this blog long enough - or follow me on instagram (laurapratt_) - then you'll know i am an avid cat lady and love everything to do with cats. it was basically a couple of hours before i couldn't hold it any longer and found myself on iconemesis putting the case in my cart and literally throwing my money at them.

i personally can't think of anything better than a few cats having a party on the back of my phone, and i have already had so many comments and compliments on it. 

the case itself is really well made. the parts around the buttons on the side of my phone are strong and not flimsy at all - i've had plastic phone cases which have broken so easily around the edges because they weren't good quality whereas this case really is. the only thing i would say is that due to being plastic and not giving any protection along the top and bottom of the screen, you have to be more careful because it is much more likely to smash if you drop it. 

overall i am so damn pleased with this case and really do love it! a huuuuge thankyou to charlotte for sharing it with me and making me fall head over heels for it! 

you can buy this case here. however, if you are more of a dog person, why not check out the pug version here?