Wednesday, 29 May 2013

the beauty post | o.p.i euro centrale

so this was a nail polish set I got for my birthday last week from two of my best buds. they got me these four o.p.i polishes and atopshop dress which will be featured soon! 
as you can see there are four colours in the set, which are all equally lovely and are the smaller giftsized versions of the bottles.
'can't find my czechbook' is a very bright summer-sky blue. it isn't as creamy or purple-toned as the nails inc cumberland which I've talked about recently but is just a standard blue. I really do like this colour but can think of many other nail polishes that are around which would be a lot cheaper and pretty much the same colour as this.
'you're such a budapest' is a very pale lilac colour. it was extremely sheer and I put three coats on but you could still see my nail through it. I do really like this colour though as it has a super subtle glitter sheen to it due to finely milled glitter in the polish. This is only noticeable on close inspection so was a nice surprise!
'suzi's hungary AGAIN!' is probably my favourite of the set. It's a lovely cerise pink which doesn't need more than two coats to be opaque. I haven't got anything of this colour in my collection so am glad I have it now!
'OY-another nail polish joke!' is a really lovely molten gold glitter polish. The particles have a more dull than glitter appearance which I personally really like as it means that I can wear this polish on all of my nails and it is still really subtle even though it's  a glitter polish. If you follow me on Instagram you'll see how this polish looks on all my nails (laurapratt_).

So there you go, there's the set of polishes I received for my birthday off two lovely friends! 
P.S; sorry that the picture quality is a bit off in this post, I got a new camera for my birthday as well and am still getting to grips with it!

Monday, 27 May 2013

where have i been? | birthday catchup

hi guys! i feel like i have been away from my blog for such a long time, it feels lovely to be back!
since i started my blog i got into the routine of writing four days a week but that went to pot this weekend as i was so unbelievably busy! if anyone read my last post, you would have known that this weekend was both my anniversary with my boyfriend and then my 20th birthday. in the midst of all that i was totally unable to keep up to date with my regular blogging - NAUGHTY! i also completely forgot to take pictures along the way - DOUBLE NAUGHTY!

well anyway, seen as i was so awful with my blogging the past couple of days, i've decided to have the week off until hopefully this saturday coming where i will do a few outfit posts of the outfits i wore to a) the anniversary meal with the boyfriend, b) my birthday when i went to a bbq, and c) the day after when i went out for tea and on a lovely summer walk.

i'm definitely going to be back to normal by this weekend on the blogging front - it's just been so hectic what with all the plans i've had and not being prepared beforehand! 

and i'll just say a quick thankyou to everyone who commented on my last post saying happy birthday, i had a lovely time!

Friday, 24 May 2013

the style post | neon pink

neon vest - h&m | jeans - topshop | necklace - h&m | sunnies - topshop

so this is the outfit i wore last week when i got really excited about the sun coming out for .. HALF A DAY! it's officially summer guys!
as soon as i opened my curtains and saw that the sun was actually in sight i knew i had to get my summer clothes out. i got this amazing top from h&m last year - it's an amazing neon pink (in the photos it's come up almost orange strangely!) and looks pretty simple until you see the sides. it has this really pretty lace details, where it is sheer and simply gorgeous! i just love how it's hidden until you lift your arms up. 
i threw it on with my standard leigh jeans from topshop in this light blue colour. i wore these to death last summer and think they are so great when the sun's out but it's still a bit nippy and you don't want your legs out.

i finally got my sunnies out too! these are tortoiseshell ones with really lovely star detailing. i love how the stars and print don't really go together on the glasses, and yet they still work really well. i hope i can get these bad boys out a lot more now - bored of the rain!!!

i thought i'd quickly just show my eye make up too - i really couldn't be bothered doing my usual liquid eyeliner today and instead did a really natural brown look using my mua palette (review here). i really liked how it turned out - i usually look so weird without my eyeliner on (it actually freaks my boyfriend out when i don't put it on as he thinks i look dead! charming!) but instead i used a really dark brown eyeshadow and angled brush to go along my lashes and then flick it out. i usually fail miserably at eyeliner flicks and found using a brown eyeshadow made the look much more forgiving!

in other news it's my birthday tomorrow! i'm turning the big 2-0 and am SO excited! this year i've asked for all of my presents so know exactly what i'm getting and look forward to receiving every little bit! it's also me and my boyfriend's 2 year anniversary today and then he's running the manchester run on sunday so we have such a busy weekend! tonight we'll be out for a nice meal and then a bbq tomorrow and then will be going out for tea at the trafford centre on sunday celebrating him finishing the run.
can't believe this weekend is already here!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

the beauty post | l'oreal confetti top coat

l'oreal confetti top coat - £4.99 | barry m blue moon - £2.99

so the other day i nipped to superdrug for some bits and bobs and went searching for the l'oreal confetti topcoat. it is basically lots of black and white different sized specks in a transparent nail varnish. i have seen so many bloggers with this recently and thought the effect was so amazing so couldn't wait to get my hands on it!
it is a topcoat which you can layer over any colour in order to create a really lovely salt-and-pepper effect. this time i layered it over barry m blue moon which is a pale blue with a purple sheen to it. i particularly like how the confetti top coat covered any mistakes i made on the blue moon layers and made the nails look really professional and eye-catching.
the only thing i would say is that it is pretty difficult to get an even cover of the particles - i have some nails which are sparser covered than the others, and instead of painting the nails you almost have to dab the top coat on the nails - very weird!
i got so many compliments when i wore this combo out recently, and i've made my sister go out and buy it just from looking at my nails! the price of this product is so amazing as well, £4.99 for the best effect of topcoat i have ever tried out!

it is price marked at £4.99 in superdrug (linked above) but may differ in other shops.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

the style post | day to night: black jeans, white shirt

so today i had a new idea for a post - how to change an outfit from day to night!
tonight i am going to the theatre (how posh) with some of my family to see calendar girls for my grandma's birthday! when i started getting dressed this morning i realised i need an outfit that can be worn during the day but will also look nice tonight. and that is how the idea was born! 
so the main parts of my outfit are staple pieces in my wardrobe that i always wear - a white shirt and black skinny jeans.


shirt - asos | joni jeans - topshop | boots - river island@asos | watch - swatch

so for daytime i wanted the look to be really relaxed and easy to wear. i slightly tucked in the shirt for a bit of structure and put my lovely chelsea boots on then added just my watch for a colour pop. my hair and make up was just natural and i thought it was such a wearable outfit.

necklace - primark | watch - river island mens | bag - wish
heels - love | lips: kate moss for rimmel - 107
blazer - new look

for night i really wanted to amp up the look. i decided to leave the shirt untucked in order for it to show out the bottom of this grey blazer. i bought this blazer a good few years ago and think the cut is so flattering on the waist. i added a chunky necklace and my pretty clutch then these AMAZING heels! how amazing are they?! because the outfit was pretty muted i put some lovely berry lipstick on and clipped my hair back. and hey presto there you go!

so now off i pop to go watch calendar girls - hopefully i don't see too much of all of the actresses!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

the lifestyle post | instagram catch up

in the past couple of sunday instagram catch up posts, i've noticed an extreme amount of cat pictures. now everyone loves a good cat picture or two but when half the pictures you show include a four -legged friend you know you need to calm down!
so this week i decided to only include the one. ( big step, i know!) #catladyproblems

so here's my week in photos, hope you enjoy and appreciate more life and less cats this week! 

still lusting for my birthday shoes | another nail varnish! | toast-bagel hybrid | game of thrones & pj day
no makeup day | hilarious hippos | my friend's naughty hat | jezza kyle your faces amaze me
anyone else eat cold peas as a snack?! | chicken caesar salad | new hair! <3 | put your tongue away fudge!

instagram: laurapratt_

in completely unrelated news, i'm going to see deal or no deal at the end of may! me and my boyfriend are serious little pilgrims when it comes to dond so when we saw that tickets were free we went crazy, had a little boogie and applied for tickets! so we'll be heading down to bristol for an afternoon of noel and hopefully some big money! so excited!
(and i know i sound sad!) 

Friday, 17 May 2013

the style post | pinafore playsuit

crop top - love label@very | pinafore playsuit - topshop | hamsa earrings - primark

i wore this outfit last week when i was just mooching around at home. i've been super excited for uni to finish for summer and to finally have some time off but now i'm off i'm bored with nothing to do! i can't wait for all of my friends to come back home from uni too for a fun-packed summer with them all.

i bought this playsuit from topshop a couple of months ago. ever since i've only worn it a number of times, and do slightly regret buying it. it was in the £30 price bracket and although i really love it when i'm wearing it i always feel so self conscious when i wear it out and about as it is so short my butt cheeks are literally hanging out! so i mainly wear it at home or when i'm just going to a friends house as i'm not that into getting my butt cheeks out.

i wore it with this crop top i got online a few years ago.. i barely wearly wear this top too as it is a crop top, but i have recently bought so mainly high-wiasted bottoms that i can't wait to wear it over summer. i almost gave it away to charity a while back but am so glad i kept hold!

speaking of, i've been thinking of getting rid of some of my clothes recently. i just have so many clothes and am always buying new stuff in. so much so, my wardrobe barely closes anymore! there are so many clothes in there that i haven't worn in donkey's years but then i always feel bad when i start going through it all. i guess i'm a secret hoarder when it comes to clothes - i always say to myself 'yeah but i might wear it again soon!'. we will have to see - i might start selling them on ebay soon!

i'm going out for a huge family meal tomorrow night for my grandad's 70th and i'm so excited to see all the fam! i'll no doubt be taking lots of pictures on instagram and going crazy, and i'll try to snap my outfit before i head out.

hope everyone is having a lovely day and looking forward to the summer! (if it ever arrives in england)

Thursday, 16 May 2013

the blogger post | the seven deadly sins tag!

so i got tagged a few days ago to do this tag by the lovely elle from elle may and as soon as i read about it i wanted to get on with it, as it's one of those tags that is nice and short - i can never really hack reading those awfully long posts myself and short and sweet is right up my street! but it won't be short and sweet if i carry on talking now will it! best get in, get on, get out! ...

1. GREED: What is your most expensive beauty item?
i would say my palettes - i have several benefit and urban decay palettes that i love the pants off! however, they were all gifts so i don't know if i've messed up on this question already!

2. WRATH: Which beauty item do you have a love/hate relationship with?
bronzer - i have only just begun wearing bronzer as i never thought it was that important until i started watching youtube videos and saw how much of a difference it makes! however i am seriously rubbish at putting it on so far so i'll hopefully get better at it soon!

3. GLUTTONY: What brand makes up the biggest chunk of your make up collection?
i have a lot of make up from the body shop, like my eyeliner mascara and mineral powder. i just love how natural and simple they are, and how they aren't irritating on my skin.

4. SLOTH: What product do you neglect to use due to laziness?
i am one of those naughty people that never cleanses tones or moisturizes! i can seriously never be arsed, and when i did use to do it i never saw a difference in my skin so didn't see the point!

5. PRIDE: Which beauty product gives you the most confidence?
definitely mascara - if you have mascara on i think everyone looks normal and good enough to leave the house! it just defines your face enough to make you look alive

6. LUST: Which item is at the top of your beauty wish list?
i definitely want to get a few more palettes from benefit soon - i especially love the ones that come with lots of new and different products in them because it means i can find which products i love before i buy them full-size!

7. ENVY: What make up product / look looks great on others but not on yourself?
eyeliner flicks - i am OBSESSED with flicking out liner on the eyes and have always wanted to perfect it but i can never do it right on my face it makes my eyes look so awful and it's heartbreaking because it's one of those looks that i have loved forever.

so there's the tag! i absolutely loved doing this one so thanks elle!

to do this tag as it's a really fun one to do!

please let me know when you do this tag so i can read what you've put yourself!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

the beauty post | nails inc. springtime nails

 another week, another nail post! today i'm showing off a little set of nail polishes i got from nails inc. there are three different colours in this set, all which I think are perfect for spring.
so lets get started!..

hobart place is a really lovely orange. it's pretty different as it isn't bright but it isn't pastel - i'd say it's a very creamy orange, like it's been mixed with milk (odd description there). i seriously love this colour and find it's one of those shades that is really flattering on everyone. i can see this looking AMAZING if you have a tan, and it would really make it stand out.

marble arch is what i'd call a blue-toned purple. it's not like any purple i've got in my collection and looks so different on the nails. it's a pretty hard colour to describe as it's really like nothing i've ever seen! i don't think the pictures i've taken here really show off this polish to it's full potential.

cumberland street is the most beautiful sky-blue. it, again, is very creamy in colour and is very close to cornflower, apart from being a slightly lighter shade. it's hard to say out of the collection which is my favourite colour as they are all so amazing!

the consistency of these polishes is very high quality - they go on smoothly and are opaque in just 1 coat!3 they are also really long lasting - i used a bog-standard inexpensive barry m topcoat on these shades, and they still lasted well over 5 days. they are such great quality and i'm really happy i found these and bought them!

sadly my mum bought me this set from tk maxx for a discounted price that i can't for the life of me remember so sorry for my lack of knowledge in that department! hopefully the set is still available from nails inc. themselves!

if you're looking for a great summer song this year look no further than this beauty! i dare you to listen to it and try to get it out of your head - practically impossible! i seriously love this song and you will too no doubt!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

the style post | cobalt jumper

jumper - asos | shorts - asos | cross necklace - primark
lips: kate moss rimmel matte - 107 | nails: barry m - matt white

so this is an outfit i threw on last week when the weather went horrible again and started to rain! i was having a loungey day just relaxing after finishing uni and going a few bits and bobs (aka chores!) at home.
i got this jumper a couple of months ago after i was searching for ages for a cold shoulder style top. i absolutely love this style in tops and jumpers as i find jumpers or long sleeved tops to sometimes look really bulky and unflattering. with the cut-outs, it makes the jumper a lot more feminine and i seriously adore it! the colour is amazing too, a really bright stand-out cobalt blue.
i just tucked it into my trusty shorts which i am wearing the life out of! they are high-waisted which i also think makes the jumper even more flattering as it nips you in at all the right places. i just added my long cross chain from pirmark (doubled up) and there you have it!
hope you like this outfit, it's one of my favourites for winter (even though its MAY now! when will the sun come out again?!)

Sunday, 12 May 2013

the lifestyle post | instagram catch up

getting excited for my summer holidays! | peekaboo tigs | healthy stirfry | my boyfriend's cat

william's a poser | the tiniest jacket i've ever seen! | caspar the ghost | lion king stance

instagram: laurapratt_

Friday, 10 May 2013

the style post | suit up!

studded collar shirt - primark | shorts - asos | blazer - prinark |
lips: kate moss matte - 107 | nails: barry m - matt white

as soon as i put this outfit on i felt like i should be heading to the city for some meetings in my high-flying job! sadly i'm really a poor student from a little town up north so will only be wearing this outfit around the house whilst i finish up my final essay for my second year of uni and mourn the summer weather leaving me already!
to cheer myself up i'm feeling a game of thrones day with chocolate and tea - can't complain all in all!

(a massive thankyou to barney stinson for the title of this post)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

the blogger post | liebster awards

today's post is a little bit of a different one, as i have just found out i was nominted for a 'liebster award' by the lovely Hannah of Beauty Queen
if you don't know what the liebster award is, it's when a fellow blogger tags you and asks you 11 questions, which you answer and then give 11 facts about yourself. you then go on and tag another 11 bloggers yourself with your own questions! pretty confusing (especially if you're a ditz like me!) but you get the gist!
so let's get crack-a-lacking..

1. What is your favourite song to listen to when you're sad & why?
i don't really like to listen to music when i'm sad - i'm more of a happy music person, as music always puts me in a good mood! after all, you don't want to be out in a club and then have you 'sad song' come on to ruin your night do you! so i'd say if i ever was sad, i'd put on some really good music like bob marley to cheer me up and get over my mood!
2. Who is the person that inspires you the most?
hmm, on this one i'd have to say my dad! he owns his own little newsagents and works 12 hours a day, 7 days a week so i've been brought up knowing all about money and how to save it up. i've worked there since i was 11 or 12 doing odd jobs and i know that if i fail at life and can't get a job doing what i want to do i can always take over the shop when my dad retires!
3. If there were a wish come true, what would you wish?
easy - that mcdonalds was healthy!! i really wish that all unhealthy food was really healthy, that would make life just perfecttttt.
4. Do you think that there is a time machine?
sadly, no! if only life was like doctor who and i could fly around wherever and whenever i wanted!
5. If you could go back to the past and see all the events, would you go?
yes definitely! it would make history a lot less boring if you were actually there
6. Are you looking forward to the future or you are happy with the present right now?
well, i would like to see what it's like in the future but i'm pretty happy with life right now! i don't know if i want to see what happens to me after i finish uni, as i feel really safe and comfortable knowing i still have a year left before i have to go out on my own! but it's exciting as much as it is nerve-wracking.
7. What is the phrase that will make you feel offended?
i don't really get very easily offended - but i do get pretty annoyed if my boyfriend casually says a piece of my clothing looks a bit tight!! it might be true, but no one wants to hear that! :-)
8. Do you think there is alien?
i don't think we are the only people alive! it would be pretty weird if we were, i like to think there are other planets with life just like us, a bit like doctor who.
9. Do you think you're a funny person?
i like to think so! no one wants to think of themselves as boring.
10. What is it that you hate the most?
the sound of people brushing their teeth. if its in real life, in a film, on tv - i have to leave the room. i can barely listen to myself brush my teeth! just the fact that you're scratching away at them sends shivers down my back - it's happening now just thinking about it.. urgh.
11. A favourite historical person ;)
i'm really not too great with history so i have no clue!!

11 random facts;
1) i am the only person in my family to pass their driving test first time. everyone thought i was a rubbish driver but i proved them all wrong!
2) i am also the only person who is left handed in my family - including aunts uncles cousins and grandparents. talk about odd one out!
3) i went through a horrific punk phase in my tweens, which saw me wearing black and neon pink, having hair all over my face and other embarrassments. thankfully i also hated having my picture taken then so no evidence remains apart from the memories!
3) i only got into university on results day as no universities wanted me! on the day i got BBC so applied and got through in half an hour!
4) i have an awful habit of biting my lips. if doesn't matter if i'm nervous or bored or excited - i always do it! its a really annoying problem because it means lipstick always look weird on me!
5) i used to be really short, and didn't start growing until i was 14. i suddenly grew really quickly and shot up to 5'9/10 in less than a year. 
6) i once packed a bag and decided to run away from home so i could go see a horse i used to adopt. apparently i walked to the top of my street and then came home because i couldn't remember where the horse actually was.. i'm so bright!
7) i have the worst luck with animals. i used to own rabbits, but lost every single one as they escaped and never came home! my fish also mysteriously die very often and one goldfish even turned white for some reason! thankfully my cats are the only ones to be spared so i'm grateful for that!
8) when i was about 6 my mum bought me a really expensive dress and said i wasn't allowed to play outside in it. of course i did but i ended up climbing over a fence and getting it caught on a spike sticking out. i was literally hanging from the fence from my dress and my dad had to pull me off it. there was a huge hole in my dress and my mum went crazy at me!
 9) i am the laziest person alive. at the minute, i only do one hour of exercise a week because i have a serious case of CBA! 
10) i used to have an addiction to dr pepper that ended in disaster. i drank so much once that i had to get an ambulance to hospital for an inflamed stomach or something. since then i barely go near the stuff and don't drink fizzy drinks at all really.
11) i only started writing on this blog 3 weeks ago, but have really enjoyed everything so far. i have begun talking to some really lovely people and can't wait to see what the future holds! thanks everyone who has bothered to read my blog, every comment and follower means the world to me. (soppy ending!)
and there we go! thanks again hannah for tagging me i had a lovely time writing a personal post! :-) now it's my turn..

I TAG...
1) Megan from 'maybe it's megan leigh'
2) Chanelle from 'hanging in my closet'
3) Megan from 'little renault'
4) Holly from 'tea and blush'
5) Katie from 'it's what i'm feeling'
6) Elle from 'elle may'
7) Ellie from 'ellie etc.'
8) Gabriella from 'with eyes like diamonds'
9) Rachel from 'rachel white'
10) Kayleight from 'beauty and bows'
11) Irna from 'i talk pretty things'

1) if you could choose only one piece of makeup to use every day what would it be?
2) why did you begin to blog?
3) who is the most important person in your life right now?
4) where do you see yourself in 10 years?
5) who are some of your favourite bloggers?
6) what trend will you be wearing the most this summer?
7) what's a beauty tip you swear by?
8) what's your favourite high street fashion brand?
9) if you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
10) are you actually going anywhere this summer?
11) what's your favourite song for the summer?

i hope you all enjoyed reading my tag, and if i tagged you please let me know when you've answered my questions! leave a quick note on here so i can come and read yours too :-)

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

the beauty post | barry m 'matt white'

barry m nail varnish - 'matt white' - £3.99
so today i painted my nails quite a weird colour. i honestly don't even know why i picked up white nail varnish a few months ago, i think it was when everyone suddenly started wearing white stillettos and because i am incapable of walking in stillettos, i decided to jump on the bandwagon on my nails.
the first time i used this polish, it reminded me of two things; 1) essex (white shoes, white teeth) and 2) when i used to get bored at school and paint my nails with tippex.
so earlier when i decided to change my nail colour, i don't know for the love of me why i chose this colour, never mind paint both my finger and toe nails! that s*** cray.
but alas, i did so i thought i may as well tell you lovely people about it..
i should also apologise for the awful nail painting attempt, i'm usually quite good when it comes to painting my nails but it seems that white nail varnish really shows up all the mistakes you make!
the name of this varnish is a little misleading, as i found it to be in no way matte. as you can see from the pictures, its a very glossy and blinding finish with not one hint of matte about it! then again, it is spelt like the boy's name matt, so maybe they didn't mean it that way at all!
i needed three coats of the polish to make it opaque on the nails, and even then it wasn't completely streak free. the consistency is really weird, it's quite thick and hard to paint evenly over the nails - i had a really hard time on the first two layers and thought there was no way on earth it would ever even itself out!

all in all, this nail varnish was a really random buy. it's definitely not a colour that i would wear all the time, but it does look really good with a tan! the only thing i would say is that you can't go putting your fingers up next to your teeth, as it makes them look really yellow - even simon cowell would have problems and his teeth are like a lightbulb.
i bought it on a whim and even though it won't be featuring on my nails a lot, i think it's a really good novelty buy that would get you a lot of attention - especially if you were out clubbing under uv lights! i'll probably be painting my nails with this when i go on holiday to ibiza this summer to make my tan seem even darker.

now please excuse me whilst i go watch my nails constantly - having your nails this bright a colour makes you hyper-aware of where your nails are and what they are up to 24/7!

p.s; sorry if i sounded super hyper and like i was off on a tangent for most of this post, i had a coffee an hour ago and i think its finally kicking in -- my bad!