Wednesday, 22 May 2013

the beauty post | l'oreal confetti top coat

l'oreal confetti top coat - £4.99 | barry m blue moon - £2.99

so the other day i nipped to superdrug for some bits and bobs and went searching for the l'oreal confetti topcoat. it is basically lots of black and white different sized specks in a transparent nail varnish. i have seen so many bloggers with this recently and thought the effect was so amazing so couldn't wait to get my hands on it!
it is a topcoat which you can layer over any colour in order to create a really lovely salt-and-pepper effect. this time i layered it over barry m blue moon which is a pale blue with a purple sheen to it. i particularly like how the confetti top coat covered any mistakes i made on the blue moon layers and made the nails look really professional and eye-catching.
the only thing i would say is that it is pretty difficult to get an even cover of the particles - i have some nails which are sparser covered than the others, and instead of painting the nails you almost have to dab the top coat on the nails - very weird!
i got so many compliments when i wore this combo out recently, and i've made my sister go out and buy it just from looking at my nails! the price of this product is so amazing as well, £4.99 for the best effect of topcoat i have ever tried out!

it is price marked at £4.99 in superdrug (linked above) but may differ in other shops.