Sunday, 30 June 2013

the lifestyle post | instagram catch up

my cat's such a poser | new spongebob squarepants fish house! | new two piece [outfit post here] | hilarious tee
bonding with my cat | standard selfie shot | green jeans [outfit post here] | can't beat a magnum white

so the past two weeks have been pretty mellow - nothing very exciting has happened other than working extra shifts at work, going on a night out and booking a holiday. 
i went out last friday for the first time in literal months, and it seems i haven't lost my mojo just yet as i rolled in at half 5 in the morning! i literally ran to my door out of the taxi incase any neighbours saw me and thought i was doing the walk of shame in broad daylight. there is no weirder feeling than walking out of a club and seeing the sun shining in the sky - that s%*" cray!
speaking of nights out, how cute is this two-piece that i picked up from motel rocks recently?! i can't wait for another night out soon so i can wear it. i might be heading to preston on thursday night for a few friend's 20ths so it might be let loose then!

i also booked another holiday this week with my dad and sister. it's the first time it'll be just us three going on holiday together in my life - as my parents broke up this year - which is crazy! we've booked out a villa in the algarve for a week and will be going two weeks today -aargh! that means that i am now going on 3/4 holidays this summer, which is mind-blowing! after the algarve i will be heading to anglesey with my boyfriend and his family for a week in august before jetting off to ibiza with my girlfriends for some raving and misbehaving. my sister has also booked a week to ibiza in the middle of september but the girl she was meant to be going with might have to drop out and i have graciously (free holiday!!) offered to take her place if she can't go. i feel so lucky to be able to go on three, potentially four, holidays in as many months and will definitely be making the most of my last summer as a lowly student!

this is the most action-packed summer i've ever had and am so excited for what the next few months bring, but i wanted to end this post with the best picture i have seen, EVER! so please all enjoy and really soak in what the amazing betty white has to say below..

best photo i have ever seen. ever. betty white you are hilarious

p.s; how the HELL is it july tomorrow?!?! seriously still feels like april or something 

Friday, 28 June 2013

the style post | mint green legs

top - topshop | mint jeans - topshop | shoes - converse

a very topshop-heavy post today! i got these mint-green jeans last year in the sale after summer for £15 down from £36. i then went back and got them in yellow too for only £10 - by far my two best bargains from topshop! 

i wore this outfit earlier in the week when i went to work and i seriously love these jeans. i think they are perfect for the english summer when it's quite cold and you want to wear jeans but still look summery. they also really accentuate a tan (which i haven't got sadly!) which is never a bad thing.

they are slightly high-waisted (my favourite type of jean) but i must have lost a bit of weight since i first bought them as they are slightly baggy and need a few tucks put in! i love wearing these jeans with a grey tee  and put a knot in it today to accentuate my waist-y bit so it didn't look too casual or masculine. and then i threw on my standard converse as they are the comfiest shoes i own!

i'm going out on a night out tonight and can't wait! i've recently put loads of new music on my ipod and have been listening to it every day and it's put me in a right parrrrrrty mood! i've also booked a few holidays now for this summer and i'll hopefully be going on 3/4 which makes me feel so lucky! is anyone else going away anywhere exciting this summer?

Thursday, 27 June 2013

the beauty post | i've gone dotty

barry m '36' (red) | rio nail art pen and brush in black and white
i know it's a bit excessive to do two nail posts one after the other but i tried out a new nail art that i wanted to share with you all! the other day i got pretty bored so thought might as well have a bit of a nail sesh and this is what i came up with! sadly i didn't get any photos of each stage on the nail art (because i didn't know if it would end up looking good or not!) but the design is pretty simple.

i painted my nails in this lovely bright red shade - '36' - from barry which i talked about in my rainbow tag [here] and then used the black and white pens to create dots on my ring fingers. i made my dots to be in perfect straight lines which makes it look really detailed from a way away but it would also look really good if you just popped the dots anywhere!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

the beauty post | rainbow tag: nail edition

i've been loving reading the rainbow tags that have been flying around youtube and blogs recently so decided to have a go myself, focusing on nail varnishes. i have a huge amount of nail varnishes but always find myself using the same colours day in day out, but this post has made me rediscover some old favourites!

RED: Barry M '36'
i've had this polish for as long as i can remember - it was one of my first ever purchases into makeup and is still one of my favourite colours. i always forget how lovely it is until i have put it on my nails - it's a bright tomato red which really brightens up the nails and is so eye-catching. i also love how you can get away with only one coat as i can never be bothered waiting around for nails to dry! because it was brought out years ago it just has a boring name before barry m decided naming their polishes.

ORANGE: Nails Inc. 'Hobart Place'
i actually reviewed the set i got this polish in on my blog [here] and still love it as much as i did then. it's a really creamy orangey-peach colour that is a mixture of neon and pastel, and completely gorgeous! you can also get away with only one coat of this polish too which is never a bad thing, and the quality of this polish is amazing.

YELLOW: Barry M 'Lemon Ice Cream'
my friends bought me this polish for my birthday a few years ago. it's a lovely sheer pastel yellow that takes several coats to be completely opaque, but it's definitely worth the colour once you've finished. this one looks AMAZING with a tan and is on my nails constantly over summer.

GREEN: Nails Inc. 'Lime Street'
i got this cutesy little polish in a gift set full of vibrant and neon polishes. i never really like wearing green polsi has it can look quite snotty and is a horrid colour to pull off. this one itself is a pea-green shade and very bright. i wouldn't wear it in winter as i feel like it would wash you out and just look plain weird but i'm going to try it out over summer to see if i can love it a little more. 

BLUE: O.P.I 'Can't Find My Czech-Book' 
i've also recently reviewed this set as well [here]. it was part of the europe set and is a seriously lovely blue with an almost teal tinge to it. i do really like this colour but don't think it has the 'wow' factor that sets it aside from other blues on the market. it does scream summer at me though and reminds me of a crisp blue sea or swimming pool which gets me in the mood for holidays!

INDIGO: Barry M 'Indigo'
i am in LOVE with this colour - it almost reminds me of petrol in that it looks so many different colours depending on the light. it's a purple-blue colour that has such an amazing shine to it and is definitely without a doubt one of my all-time favourite nail varnishes. it reminds me of indigo coloured denim and is much more of a wintery shade due to being so dark.

VIOLET: O.P.I 'You're Such A Budapest'
i didn't know if 'violet' had to be a quite dark or bright purple but i went for one of my brand new polishes, which was also part of the europe set [here]. it's a lovely pale and creamy purple that has a subtle silver shimmer running through it. you do need to layer this quite a lot to get the colour of the bottle as it is so sheer but it really is worth it in the end.

and so there is my rainbow of nail varnishes! i had such good fun writing this post, from choosing the colours to taking the pictures and i am so glad to find some of my old favourites among the bunch and will definitely be sporting some of these over summer!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

the style post | zara dupe

top - primark | shorts - asos | boots RI via asos

how lovely is this top? i got it quite a few months ago but still love it as much as i did then. i can't believe quite how similar it is to the zara combination jacquard top (here) but whereas the zara one costs £39.99 (currently on sale for £29.99), mine from pirmark only cost £12!

the material itself feels really sturdy and expensive - it isn't made of just bog standard cotton but rather an almost crepe-y material - not the best description at all but hey-ho!. the jewels are also really well attached - i've put this top through the washer and dryer several times and not one has fallen off yet which is pretty damn amazing for primark isn't it. the fit is also quite slouchy, i got it in a size 10 and it isn't figure hugging at all so looks lovely tucked into shorts and skirts. i decided to leave it untucked and more casual as i just wore this outfit to work at the weekend.

standard black shorts - the cost-per-wear of these ones are crazy, i wear them at least 2 times a week as they are casual enough to wear every day but can also be dressed up as you like. i used to wear them with two pairs of tights but now wear them with only one so the pom-pom detail is even more noticeable.

hope you like!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

the beauty post | models co lip enhancer

 another free product from the monthly magazines comes in the shape of this lip enhancer by model co, which came with glamour this month. 

there was a choice of three gifts, but as i haven't got a lip liner in my collection i decided on this one. the fact that it is a 'colour suits all' meant that i thought i would be able to use it as a base for all of my lipsticks so they don't bleed - a multi-use product!

the packaging itself describes the product as a 'flesh-coloured pencil' that helps give you the illusion of fuller looking lips, which is never a bad thing is it! it also states that the pencil has been formulated with 'bees wax, carnauba wax, cocoa butter and shea butter' which just screams moisture and healthy lips to me.

the product itself is quite dark - when i first opened it and saw the colour is thought in no way was it in my skin tone and i believed that it would be really noticeable and dark on me. i also found it to be really waxy and creamy, and really soft which would feel lovely on the lips - but might not survive in hot climates so i wouldn't trust taking it on holiday with me! i do love how it comes with a pencil sharpener built into the lid as i hate using the same sharpener for lip and eye products as you can never tell what you're getting onto your product, and then your face, so i thought it was a great little extra.

i decided to really see how this pencil works, and decided to draw my cupids bow and top lip a little over where it actually stops to see how natural the colour was - and i was blown away! i was able to create a pretty perfect top lip shape, and then coloured in the gap i had between my fake lip line and my real lip line.
 as you can see from the pictures below, the lip line i created is barely noticeable and looks so realistic. the lip pencil comes out a surprisingly mellow nude colour, and really does the job it promises. all of the butter and waxes in the product also kept my lips moisutrised and nourished the whole time i wore this product. 

i would definitely recommend going and checking glamour out this month - and for only £1 (it's on offer too!) you might as well buy all three products that model co are offering this month!

Friday, 21 June 2013

the style post | ft. motel rocks co-ords

top - £13 (originally £25) , skirt - £15 (originally £30) - both motel rocks
shoes - topshop | lips: kate moss '107' for rimmel

ohhh you gotta love a good sales buy! so the other day i saw on the lovely jane's wall that motel rocks were having a huge sale and decided to go have a gander and see if anything took my fancy. i actually found myself restraining A LOT from throwing everything into my basket and instead chose these two separate pieces. i've seen a lot if people wearing coordinating tops and skirts/shorts and have really fancied jumping on that bandwagon myself, and found myself falling in love with these ones!

the material itself is almost like the scuba material that topshop made loads of dresses in recently - it literally sucks you all in and feels really lovely. this is the first order i've ever made at motel rocks and i was blown away by the amazing quality of the clothes - they are so sturdy and i can tell that they will last a really long time - even under the pressure of holding my butt and boobs in!

the postage was on the 7-10 free p&p but it only came in a couple of days which i was really shocked and pleased about. and - even better - they give students 20% discount! sadly i only realised after i had paid and the order was on its way but hey-ho, what do you do.

so if you haven't already, go and check out the sale [here], it really is full of some amazing pieces!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

the beauty post | phil smith argan oil hair transforming cream

so one of the editions of cosmopolitan magazine came with an amazing freebie a couple of months ago - this argan oil cream be phil smith.
when i first got this product i was a bit sceptical, as i usually use oil products in my hair rather than a cream. i have always loved using oil as i have learnt now how much oil to use in my hair (it's an art between too dry and too greasy!) and the thought of using a cream scared me a bit - i sound so sad here!

first thing you notice about this product is the smell - ohmerrgawwwd this stuff is good! i wish it could be bottled up and sold as a perfume because it is actually amazing! what i love is that the smell actually lasts in the hair once it is dry and i always catch whiffs of it during the day which is always a treat.

the packaging suggests using a pea sized amount of cream and then to blow dry and style the hair as usual. however, i have really thick hair and lots of it so took maybe two-three blobs instead and then worked it through my hair, focusing any extra cream on the ends. i never dry my hair or style it day to day so just left it to air-dry naturally.

this product makes my hair look so shiny and healthy and really think that this product will keep split ends at bay and help any that i might already have. the only thing i would say is that i definitely like using hair oils over this cream product as my hair generally feels much more nourished with oil, but as a free gift (and the fact that i'm currently out of oil!) this really is a product worth buying!

if you haven't already, go check out cosmo mag and buy it just for this cream!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

the beauty post | garnier bb cream

garnier bb cream in light - £.9.99 (currently on offer for £6.66) - superdrug

this is my go-to face product in my daily make up routine.
i always wear bb creams during the day rather than foundation as i am lucky enough to be able to wear lighter coverage during the day. i first used this bb cream years ago when it first came out before going on to try other bb creams on the market, but i have always liked this one the most.

the actual product is much more a moisturizer than a foundation, and is of a very thick substance. although it is very thick, once on the skin it sinks in quickly and offers light coverage. it obviously isn't very good for blemishes and spots, so you need to use a concealer as well  but i find this makes my skin look really glowing and even in tone.

it only comes in two shades, which is a bit annoying as i can't see it suiting a lot of people as it can sometimes come out as orange on me if i use too much by accident. they really should expand the range a little, but the fact that they have been out for quite a while means that chances of that is pretty unlikely.

i've also seen recently that they've brought out a bb cream for oily skin which i think i will definitely try once i have finished this tube (which takes ages as you get 50ml!) as i have combination skin and would like to see how an oil free one works.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

the style post | beetlejuice

striped draping shirt - love label | joni jeans - topshop
 camo jacket - topshop | chelsea boots - RI @ asos

we all have that favourite piece of clothing that we keep when we just haven't got a clue to wear, and this top/shirt is mine. i got it a good couple of years ago (maybe even 3!) from my favourite brand love label and there are so many ways that you can wear it that i don't think i'll be letting it go until it's falling apart!

today i just threw it on with my high waisted jeans as i love how there is almost a waterfall design from the shirt as it hangs at the front and i also like how the op half is slouchy and floaty compared to the structure of my jeans. i wore them cuffed up with the boots i wore literally all of winter - how sad that i have had to get them out in june! seems the english summer has well and truly come and gone in a week!

i also decided to put on my trusty camo jacket. i'm trying to get as much wear out of it as possible so the cost-per-wear is justified, i sometimes regret buying it as it was just because of a trend over winter/spring and i know soon camo jackets will go out of fashion again. but as soon as i put it on i fall in love all over again as i love how it brings masculinity to the outfits i wear it with. plus with all this rain i guess we can pretend it is still winter..

Monday, 17 June 2013

the beauty post | MUA bronzer

MUA bronzer - £1 (yes really!) - superdrug

now i'm a newbie to bronzer and didn't want to shell out a lot of money for a product that i wouldn't know how to use and might not particularly like or use a lot, so when i went to superdrug i was on the lookout for a budget bronzer to use as i get used to wearing it.

step in MUA, the home of affordable make up. i decided to get their bronzer in shade '3' (exciting name there..) which is a lovely matte brown colour. i wanted to buy a matte bronzer as i feel it's a lot easier to wear than shimmer and isn't as noticeable or in your face. i would also say that this shade isn't orange at all and you would need to whack a whole lot on in order to come out oompa-loopma like, which is great for newbies like me!

and yes, you read right - this bronzer was for a measly £1 which i think is amazing for 5.7g of product. i bought this a good month or so ago and am still only brushing at the surface of it - you get so much product that will last you forever for just a £1 - mindblowing!

when i wear this bronzer, i use the RT contour brush and use the bronzer as a contouring product - under the cheekbones, under my chin, down the nose and around my forehead. the product is easily buildable and i can vary the shade and amount i put on easily. 

it's such an amazing product and i am chuffed that i was able to try this bronzer out instead of spending much more than i needed to. it also comes in two other shades, so go check them out if you're interested!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

the lifestyle post | instagram catch up

face mask o'clock! | beaut of a nail varnish | favourite time of the day when asos comes | sleeping kitty
prison top and bright red lips | couples bottles | humous+breadstick=omfg | eyeliner flick and bright blue eyes
so this week has been a bit of a busy one! now that i've finished uni i thought i'd be sat around all day bored and lonely but i have actually had so many plans recently that i haven't really had time to stop!

it was my sister's birthday on monday and we went out for two separate meals with our parents. then on tuesday me and my sister went to alton towers for the day and it was so much fun. i did say i was going to take lots of pictures over the day but sadly i completely forgot, plus the weather wasn't very nice so i don't think the pictures would have turned out that good anyway. i went on the ride called rita for the first time, which goes from 0-60mph in just a few seconds and my face literally got blown off it was that fast! 
on friday i then went to a local cricket club to watch some of my friends play and have a few drinks and a catch up with some really good friends. i then went out with my sister and her friends around my hometown and somehow didn't get in until HALF 5 in the morning on saturday - go hard or go home as they say!

so yes, this week has been really busy and full of lovely plans, but i really need to start saving money now as i am turning poor! i spend money way too easily nowadays and need a break. i'm also thinking of sorting through my wardrobe and giving clothes away to charity or possibly sell them on ebay if they are good enough! 

hope you have all had a lovely week and enjoyed the one week of summer that england had! boo!