Monday, 17 June 2013

the beauty post | MUA bronzer

MUA bronzer - £1 (yes really!) - superdrug

now i'm a newbie to bronzer and didn't want to shell out a lot of money for a product that i wouldn't know how to use and might not particularly like or use a lot, so when i went to superdrug i was on the lookout for a budget bronzer to use as i get used to wearing it.

step in MUA, the home of affordable make up. i decided to get their bronzer in shade '3' (exciting name there..) which is a lovely matte brown colour. i wanted to buy a matte bronzer as i feel it's a lot easier to wear than shimmer and isn't as noticeable or in your face. i would also say that this shade isn't orange at all and you would need to whack a whole lot on in order to come out oompa-loopma like, which is great for newbies like me!

and yes, you read right - this bronzer was for a measly £1 which i think is amazing for 5.7g of product. i bought this a good month or so ago and am still only brushing at the surface of it - you get so much product that will last you forever for just a £1 - mindblowing!

when i wear this bronzer, i use the RT contour brush and use the bronzer as a contouring product - under the cheekbones, under my chin, down the nose and around my forehead. the product is easily buildable and i can vary the shade and amount i put on easily. 

it's such an amazing product and i am chuffed that i was able to try this bronzer out instead of spending much more than i needed to. it also comes in two other shades, so go check them out if you're interested!