Sunday, 16 June 2013

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prison top and bright red lips | couples bottles | humous+breadstick=omfg | eyeliner flick and bright blue eyes
so this week has been a bit of a busy one! now that i've finished uni i thought i'd be sat around all day bored and lonely but i have actually had so many plans recently that i haven't really had time to stop!

it was my sister's birthday on monday and we went out for two separate meals with our parents. then on tuesday me and my sister went to alton towers for the day and it was so much fun. i did say i was going to take lots of pictures over the day but sadly i completely forgot, plus the weather wasn't very nice so i don't think the pictures would have turned out that good anyway. i went on the ride called rita for the first time, which goes from 0-60mph in just a few seconds and my face literally got blown off it was that fast! 
on friday i then went to a local cricket club to watch some of my friends play and have a few drinks and a catch up with some really good friends. i then went out with my sister and her friends around my hometown and somehow didn't get in until HALF 5 in the morning on saturday - go hard or go home as they say!

so yes, this week has been really busy and full of lovely plans, but i really need to start saving money now as i am turning poor! i spend money way too easily nowadays and need a break. i'm also thinking of sorting through my wardrobe and giving clothes away to charity or possibly sell them on ebay if they are good enough! 

hope you have all had a lovely week and enjoyed the one week of summer that england had! boo!