Friday, 14 June 2013

the style post | keep or return: asos dress

tribal print dress - RI @ asos | corked platforms - love label | lips: see this post

i'm having a problem! last week i mentioned an asos wishlist that i had ordered and it came a couple of days ago. this dress came in the order from river island and i'm having issues deciding whether to keep it or not. i think that in these pictures it looks absolutely stunning, especially with the bright heels, but in really life i don't know whether i like how baggy and unstructured it is.

it seems to be in a weird A-shape style, which isn't really what i go for fashion-wise. i prefer clothes that have a bit more structure and come in at my waist as i just prefer it and think it compliments every figure. this dress is just really not my style and although i seriously love the pattern and print and idea of it i don't think i could get over the shape of it sadly.

i do think that it would be a pretty nice dress to have during summer on holiday to throw on over a bikini on the beach but i personally think that the detail on it is much too pretty for just a day dress and would be much better suited to a nighttime outfit for someone else.

i really would recommend this dress if you like this type of style, as it is such a beautiful dress and i know a lot of people would fall in love and appreciate it so much, albeit i am not one of them sadly!

this was just a quick post to ask what you would do: keep it or return it?