Saturday, 31 August 2013

the style post | river island boots to make you swoon

boots - river island via asos (£45)
 i know it's not common for me to post at all on a saturday, never mind doing four style posts in a week but i couldn't not post about these lovely shoes that came in the post today. i ordered them a couple of days ago as i wanted some new boots for winter i think i might have found them in these babies.

when they first arrived i didn't know whether they were really my cup of tea so i put a few pictures of them on facebook, instagram and twitter to see what everyone else thought and it was a unanimous 'yes!' so i think they might just be my new children. 

i bought a pair of chelsea boots around this time last year and although i still really like them i wanted a change and a pair that were a little more clunky and masculine and i think these ones fit the bill. they have a block heel with metal detailing, a buckle over the elastic part and both patent and suede lining. they are a bit of a squash to get on as the top is so tight but i personally hate it when boots are really baggy around the top so these are just right for me! i like wearing them best with a girly dress and some lovely frilly socks poking over the top to counter-balance the masculinity of the shoes. 

these will be great little workers for me over winter and i really can't wait to start stomping about in them around uni and over winter!

Friday, 30 August 2013

the style post | oh primark, i love you

embellished shirt - primark | jacket - primark | jeans - topshop | bracelet - topshop | trainers - converse

this post is pretty much dedicated to primark, as i found myself wearing two of my favourite ever things that i have bought from primark - mainly because they both look so much more expensive than primark! this jacket in particular is my new baby, and i find myself every day trying to find an outfit it goes with just so i can wear it! (so sad, i know)

i decided to get these jeans out as well - i bought them from topshop in the summer sale because i thought they were so different and perfect for winter. they've been collecting dust in my wardrobe all summer until it went a bit colder this week so i got them out for the first time!

this is such a casual outfit but i think all of the little details make it much more put-together and almost smart-casual. i just wore it for meeting up with two of my best friends for a catch up last night. we hadn't seen each other for a really long time so went over to one of their houses for a film and wine night - although the film didn't really end up getting watched! we basically just sat around eating popcorn, drinking wine and catching up on life from the past few weeks - it was seriously a good girly night!

p.s; please excuse the boxes in these pictures - my sister is moving house and leaving a few of her bits and bobs in our spare room where i take my pictures, and they crept onto the shots!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

the style post | paisley print

paisley print top - primark | shirts - asos | boots - river island@asos | lips: kate moss for rimmel - 107

glass - the father's | nails: see this post

as you can see it's been a pretty plain outfit today - just black and cream and comfy. the only thing that was a bit different was my hair and nails.
i never usually wear my hair like this - i'm either completely up or completely down but i did a half-up messy bun and actually really liked it so there you go! plus i was trying out my new confetti topcoat again which i reviewed a while ago, so here is another picture of it in action! by the way, when you looked at that picture of my fingers did you find yourself counting how many i had cos it looks like i way too many or was that just me?! i was just looking at it and thought 'i can't have THAT many fingers!!!'.
also thought i'd include the truly remarkable picture of me going bogeyed whilst drinking my orange juice, me so pweeedy haha! glass used: courtesy of the father!

sorry it's a pretty boring outfit but hey we all do it at some point don't we!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

the style post | i'm home!

jumper - asos | skirt - motel rocks | socks - primark | boots - RI

ring - can't remember! | nails: barry m - matt white

i'm finally home after my last holiday to ibiza, and i'm surprised i even survived if i'm honest - i can home with a cold from the air con in our room (yes - i went to ibiza and came home with a cold!) and a huge mouth ulcer but it was seriously one of the best holidays i have ever been on.

i've been able to see the swedish house mafia, calvin harris and example all in a matter of days in some of the best clubs in the world and i can honestly say that every single one was amazing and blew my mind! however, i am pretty glad to be home now so i can recuperate and actually have a good nights sleep - plus to eat something over than a bloody pot noodle haha!

i came home in the really early hours of yesterday morning and basically spent the day sleeping, catching up on hollyoaks and doing all of my washing, and then today i'm off to see my boyfriend after tea and just basically trying to get used to life back home!

i didn't even get that much of a tan in ibiza - two years ago on a girls holiday to malia i was so hungover i fell asleep in the sun and pretty much got sunstoke from the burns i got on the whole of my back and since then i am genuinely so worried about the sun and my skin that i don't even care about a tan! 

also, it was so lovely to come home and read all the comments on my posts while i was away, i didn't have any wifi whilst away and was worried if they were going up properly, so i'm really grateful that you enjoyed them etc! :-) the only thing i didn't like coming home to was the 360+ posts i had to catch up on on bloglovin' - but at least i've had something to do today! ;-) 

hope everyone's had a lovely day and week! see you all soon, i'm so glad to back here writing!

ps; sorry for the overload of exclamation marks in this post - my bloody '.' only works when i really force it down so i need to go get that fixed at some point, i always hate it when people go overboard with their '!'

Friday, 23 August 2013

the style post | khaki and orange

orange peplum top - miss selfridge | leigh jeans - topshop | camo jacket - topshop | slippers - miss selfridge 

rings - h&m

i wore this last week at some point - i wasn't going to photograph it originally as it is a pretty boring outfit but thought i'd better do so just in case i didn't take any photos for when i'm away. i was only going food shopping (COOL LIFE) so wasn't exactly wearing my best threads, but i didn't think it was too bad of an outfit, and i really liked how the orange and khaki offset each other.
i don't even know if i like these slippers - i have always thought of the slipper trend as pretty ugly and that they make your feet look weird and manly, but when i saw these nude ones i thought they weren't too bad and as they are nude they aren't as noticeable. i only really got them because i was in dire need of some nude casual shoes and they do the trick. i think i like them from far away but in the up-close picture i just think they look weird!

p.s; i won't be able to answer to any comments etc. over the coming week as i am currently on holiday in ibiza until the evening of the 25th. as soon as i am home (and in good enough condition to turn my laptop back on!) i will get back to any questions/comments as soon as i can! 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

the beauty post | herbal essences bee strong intensive hair mask

£2.19 (half price until 26th august!) - tesco

so recently i reviewed the strengthening cream from the bee strong collection [here] and now i'm back talking about the hair mask from the same range, and damn is this bad boy worth it!
i have never really delved into the world of hair masks as my hair is generally in good condition but i have recently seen that it is getting much more dry and in need of a good dose of hydration so decided to try this one out as i loved the scent of the range already.

so i basically just used this mask in the shower after i had shampooed and conditioned, by running a thick layer of the product all of the way through my hair from root to tip. the tub doesn't specify how long to leave it on for, so i generally give it a good 10 minutes or so to really work into all of my hair and leave it really soft and smooth. i then just wash it out and there you go! it left my hair feeling unbelievably soft and well-groomed, and i feel it really works for my hair type. i can feel it strengthening and working all through my hair to make it strong and healthy again. 

the smell really is mind-blowing and one of my favourite smelling products in a really long time, with the apricot being really strong and lovely. i genuinely cannot rave enough about the smell, i sound a little bit crazy going on about it but WOW! 

the tub says to use the mask once a week which i think is pretty spot on, i can feel my hair getting dry again towards the end of the week so the timing is spot-on for me. however, people with finer hair can probably get away with using it even less frequently. this product also goes a really long way - i thought i'd only be able to get maybe 4 or 5 uses out of this tub because of the thickness and length of my hair but i used much less than i thought so could possibly even double the amount of time this tub will last me.

i definitely recommend this product - go and check it out if you're on the lookout for a new hair mask!

p.s; i won't be able to answer to any comments etc. over the coming week as i am currently on holiday in ibiza until the evening of the 25th. as soon as i am home (and in good enough condition to turn my laptop back on!) i will get back to any questions/comments as soon as i can! 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

the beauty post | barry m nail polish in 'coral'

£2.99 - superdrug

i headed to superdrug the other day to pick up my standard red nail polish from barry m (which i talked about in my rainbow tag here!) which is my go-to colour for summer when 'coral' caught my eye. it's a tangy orange-red super shiny polish that goes opaque in two coats. it's got the same amazing quality of all barry m polishes and really screams summer at me. i do find that it chips pretty quickly but for only £2.99 i really don't care haha!

i'm wearing this week on both my hands and feet whilst i'm away in ibiza, and i am so happy with this polish, despite the chipping and i'm so happy with it!

p.s; i won't be able to answer to any comments etc. over the coming week as i am currently on holiday in ibiza until the evening of the 25th. as soon as i am home (and in good enough condition to turn my laptop back on!) i will get back to any questions/comments as soon as i can! 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

the lifestyle post | instagram catch-up and ibiza times

iced gems are my love | me and my best friend are so hawwwt | anglesey | posin'
cat cushion | healthy snacking | waiting puddy cat | coral nails
robbing your boyfriend's hoody >>
nothing like cold desperados | jaffa caaaaaaakes | oreos are my life | lists and dexter

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my gosh how many pictures! i haven't been able to do a catch up post in two weeks and i've got a backlog of photos to put up! i've been on holiday and working non-stop but now i'm packing for my ibiza holiday which i'm going on today - i'm getting picked up at half 12 to head to the airport and then off i go on my final jollies of the summer wooo!!

i went to go and see the conjuring in the cinema this week with my sister - i am usually so damn bad with horror films and stare at my jumper half the time, but my sister really wanted to see it so hey-ho. i did pretty well with it and even though i sweated my butt of literally the whole way through and found myself jumping at the smallest thing (eg; a bird flying) i really did quite like the film! there were a few minging bits in it and i did laugh a little towards the end but i really would recommend it. 

well anyway i know this has been a short and quick post but i've got to go get on my plaaaane! 
vengaboys, let's go;;;

'hello party people this is captain kim speaking'

ARGHGREY^TRSDGDJT so bloody excited!

much love, see you in a week!

Friday, 16 August 2013

the style post | mix it up

dress - love label (old) | jacket - topshop | boots - RI

my god today has been a busy day! i've barely been able to stop, which explains why i'm so late in writing today's post  - it's actually the first time i've sat down properly apart from when i had lunch! so basically i had work this morning which was pretty darn busy and then i had to run to the hairdressers. i have been having a 'mare with my hair (rhyming now) for a good few months now, as i've been trying to get rid of the red i dyed it for a few years. i basically want my hair to be caramel but can't fully go for it until the red has gone out of my hair - which is a long and tiring job! so i've now got some lovely lighter-brown streaks through my hair which is the start of the process in lightening it everywhere. i'm hoping it will become even more lighter when i'm on holiday next week because of the sun!

anyway - i threw on this outfit this morning in a hurry - basically, i'm trying my hardest to not wear ANY of the clothes i want to take on holiday with me, and it's seriously the hardest job ever. the weather has actually been quite nice and warm over the last few days in england, and i'm trying to save my summer clothes for ibiza. 

this dress is from love label a couple of years ago and i still love it as much as i did then. i think it is such a flattering silhouette that pulls me in at the waist and the sleeves really create an hourglass figure. i put my camo jacket over the top, as i really love toughening up a girly skirt with it as it creates a lovely look i think.
i put on my black boots and tights with it - which i've come to regret over the day as the temperature has gone up and my legs have become boiling!

i'm working literally non-stop this weekend all the way up until i get picked up on sunday to go to ibiza. i am packing tonight as i don't think i'll have any time at all now, and i am so damn excited!! me and my friends have been counting down till this sunday for literally 4 months and i cannot wait to go out there now! although my dad has been fairly worried about all the latest stories in the papers about those two girls who became drug mules in ibiza - i've told him not to worry haha! 

hope you're having a lovely tuesday!