Wednesday, 21 August 2013

the beauty post | herbal essences bee strong intensive hair mask

£2.19 (half price until 26th august!) - tesco

so recently i reviewed the strengthening cream from the bee strong collection [here] and now i'm back talking about the hair mask from the same range, and damn is this bad boy worth it!
i have never really delved into the world of hair masks as my hair is generally in good condition but i have recently seen that it is getting much more dry and in need of a good dose of hydration so decided to try this one out as i loved the scent of the range already.

so i basically just used this mask in the shower after i had shampooed and conditioned, by running a thick layer of the product all of the way through my hair from root to tip. the tub doesn't specify how long to leave it on for, so i generally give it a good 10 minutes or so to really work into all of my hair and leave it really soft and smooth. i then just wash it out and there you go! it left my hair feeling unbelievably soft and well-groomed, and i feel it really works for my hair type. i can feel it strengthening and working all through my hair to make it strong and healthy again. 

the smell really is mind-blowing and one of my favourite smelling products in a really long time, with the apricot being really strong and lovely. i genuinely cannot rave enough about the smell, i sound a little bit crazy going on about it but WOW! 

the tub says to use the mask once a week which i think is pretty spot on, i can feel my hair getting dry again towards the end of the week so the timing is spot-on for me. however, people with finer hair can probably get away with using it even less frequently. this product also goes a really long way - i thought i'd only be able to get maybe 4 or 5 uses out of this tub because of the thickness and length of my hair but i used much less than i thought so could possibly even double the amount of time this tub will last me.

i definitely recommend this product - go and check it out if you're on the lookout for a new hair mask!

p.s; i won't be able to answer to any comments etc. over the coming week as i am currently on holiday in ibiza until the evening of the 25th. as soon as i am home (and in good enough condition to turn my laptop back on!) i will get back to any questions/comments as soon as i can!