Friday, 23 August 2013

the style post | khaki and orange

orange peplum top - miss selfridge | leigh jeans - topshop | camo jacket - topshop | slippers - miss selfridge 

rings - h&m

i wore this last week at some point - i wasn't going to photograph it originally as it is a pretty boring outfit but thought i'd better do so just in case i didn't take any photos for when i'm away. i was only going food shopping (COOL LIFE) so wasn't exactly wearing my best threads, but i didn't think it was too bad of an outfit, and i really liked how the orange and khaki offset each other.
i don't even know if i like these slippers - i have always thought of the slipper trend as pretty ugly and that they make your feet look weird and manly, but when i saw these nude ones i thought they weren't too bad and as they are nude they aren't as noticeable. i only really got them because i was in dire need of some nude casual shoes and they do the trick. i think i like them from far away but in the up-close picture i just think they look weird!

p.s; i won't be able to answer to any comments etc. over the coming week as i am currently on holiday in ibiza until the evening of the 25th. as soon as i am home (and in good enough condition to turn my laptop back on!) i will get back to any questions/comments as soon as i can!