Tuesday, 27 August 2013

the style post | i'm home!

jumper - asos | skirt - motel rocks | socks - primark | boots - RI

ring - can't remember! | nails: barry m - matt white

i'm finally home after my last holiday to ibiza, and i'm surprised i even survived if i'm honest - i can home with a cold from the air con in our room (yes - i went to ibiza and came home with a cold!) and a huge mouth ulcer but it was seriously one of the best holidays i have ever been on.

i've been able to see the swedish house mafia, calvin harris and example all in a matter of days in some of the best clubs in the world and i can honestly say that every single one was amazing and blew my mind! however, i am pretty glad to be home now so i can recuperate and actually have a good nights sleep - plus to eat something over than a bloody pot noodle haha!

i came home in the really early hours of yesterday morning and basically spent the day sleeping, catching up on hollyoaks and doing all of my washing, and then today i'm off to see my boyfriend after tea and just basically trying to get used to life back home!

i didn't even get that much of a tan in ibiza - two years ago on a girls holiday to malia i was so hungover i fell asleep in the sun and pretty much got sunstoke from the burns i got on the whole of my back and since then i am genuinely so worried about the sun and my skin that i don't even care about a tan! 

also, it was so lovely to come home and read all the comments on my posts while i was away, i didn't have any wifi whilst away and was worried if they were going up properly, so i'm really grateful that you enjoyed them etc! :-) the only thing i didn't like coming home to was the 360+ posts i had to catch up on on bloglovin' - but at least i've had something to do today! ;-) 

hope everyone's had a lovely day and week! see you all soon, i'm so glad to back here writing!

ps; sorry for the overload of exclamation marks in this post - my bloody '.' only works when i really force it down so i need to go get that fixed at some point, i always hate it when people go overboard with their '!'