Wednesday, 28 August 2013

the style post | paisley print

paisley print top - primark | shirts - asos | boots - river island@asos | lips: kate moss for rimmel - 107

glass - the father's | nails: see this post

as you can see it's been a pretty plain outfit today - just black and cream and comfy. the only thing that was a bit different was my hair and nails.
i never usually wear my hair like this - i'm either completely up or completely down but i did a half-up messy bun and actually really liked it so there you go! plus i was trying out my new confetti topcoat again which i reviewed a while ago, so here is another picture of it in action! by the way, when you looked at that picture of my fingers did you find yourself counting how many i had cos it looks like i way too many or was that just me?! i was just looking at it and thought 'i can't have THAT many fingers!!!'.
also thought i'd include the truly remarkable picture of me going bogeyed whilst drinking my orange juice, me so pweeedy haha! glass used: courtesy of the father!

sorry it's a pretty boring outfit but hey we all do it at some point don't we!