Sunday, 18 August 2013

the lifestyle post | instagram catch-up and ibiza times

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my gosh how many pictures! i haven't been able to do a catch up post in two weeks and i've got a backlog of photos to put up! i've been on holiday and working non-stop but now i'm packing for my ibiza holiday which i'm going on today - i'm getting picked up at half 12 to head to the airport and then off i go on my final jollies of the summer wooo!!

i went to go and see the conjuring in the cinema this week with my sister - i am usually so damn bad with horror films and stare at my jumper half the time, but my sister really wanted to see it so hey-ho. i did pretty well with it and even though i sweated my butt of literally the whole way through and found myself jumping at the smallest thing (eg; a bird flying) i really did quite like the film! there were a few minging bits in it and i did laugh a little towards the end but i really would recommend it. 

well anyway i know this has been a short and quick post but i've got to go get on my plaaaane! 
vengaboys, let's go;;;

'hello party people this is captain kim speaking'

ARGHGREY^TRSDGDJT so bloody excited!

much love, see you in a week!