Friday, 16 August 2013

the style post | mix it up

dress - love label (old) | jacket - topshop | boots - RI

my god today has been a busy day! i've barely been able to stop, which explains why i'm so late in writing today's post  - it's actually the first time i've sat down properly apart from when i had lunch! so basically i had work this morning which was pretty darn busy and then i had to run to the hairdressers. i have been having a 'mare with my hair (rhyming now) for a good few months now, as i've been trying to get rid of the red i dyed it for a few years. i basically want my hair to be caramel but can't fully go for it until the red has gone out of my hair - which is a long and tiring job! so i've now got some lovely lighter-brown streaks through my hair which is the start of the process in lightening it everywhere. i'm hoping it will become even more lighter when i'm on holiday next week because of the sun!

anyway - i threw on this outfit this morning in a hurry - basically, i'm trying my hardest to not wear ANY of the clothes i want to take on holiday with me, and it's seriously the hardest job ever. the weather has actually been quite nice and warm over the last few days in england, and i'm trying to save my summer clothes for ibiza. 

this dress is from love label a couple of years ago and i still love it as much as i did then. i think it is such a flattering silhouette that pulls me in at the waist and the sleeves really create an hourglass figure. i put my camo jacket over the top, as i really love toughening up a girly skirt with it as it creates a lovely look i think.
i put on my black boots and tights with it - which i've come to regret over the day as the temperature has gone up and my legs have become boiling!

i'm working literally non-stop this weekend all the way up until i get picked up on sunday to go to ibiza. i am packing tonight as i don't think i'll have any time at all now, and i am so damn excited!! me and my friends have been counting down till this sunday for literally 4 months and i cannot wait to go out there now! although my dad has been fairly worried about all the latest stories in the papers about those two girls who became drug mules in ibiza - i've told him not to worry haha! 

hope you're having a lovely tuesday!