Wednesday, 14 August 2013

the beauty post | soap&glory supercat eyeliner

eyeliner: £6 - boots

i have been a lover of liquid eyeliner since i first stole my sister's when i was 14 or so, and have worn  it religiously since. in all of that time i have over ever tried maybe three or four brands, as once i find one that did the job i just stuck at using it until i found another that i liked better. however, i think i have finally found my holy grail of eyeliner from the brand soap & glory. 

i used to use the basic liquid eyeliners which had the liquid in a separate pot to the brush so found it really weird at first using a pen to do my eyeliner. however after i got past the awkwardness and worked out how to hold it i was blown away by how simple and easy this liner is to use. it lets just the right amount of product out and doesn't come out clumpy or too liquidy or hard to control, you just brush it along the lash line in soft strokes to create a lovely line. i've also found how easy it is to do flicks with this pen - i used to really struggle but now i can do them pretty easily and with little fuss almost every day!

the liquid itself is really shiny one dry on the lid - it gives a lovely shine (as you can see from the pictures below) that i feel really brightens up the eyes and gives a lovely effect. the only thing i would say is that it doesn't have very good staying power - it stays in place generally really well but i got particularly hot one time in the topshop changing rooms (why are they always like a sauna?!?) and i found it overlapped onto the top of my lid and moved around a bit, but nothing you can't deal with. it might not be too good to wear in intense heat or for a long time on a holiday etc. but i really can't fault it.

i will definitely be repurchasing this again and again and cannot rave about it enough - if you have issues applying liquid liner well and easily then this might be the one for you - i know it is for me!