Tuesday, 13 August 2013

the style post | clashing prints

dress - love label (old) | jacket - primark | shoes - RI via asos

continuing my love-in with my primark jacket, i decided to play around with clashing prints and came up with this dress-and-jacket combo. i really think these two pieces work well together mainly because the dress is fairly muted and has the same colours in it as the jacket. i love how this dress can be styled for either summer or winter depending on what you wear it with, and i think this outfit looks just as good with tights and boots as it would with some converse or sandals instead for a more summer-appropriate outfit.
but sadly when i wore this the other day, the weather was a bit hit and miss in england, going from sunny one minute to raining the next so i decided to play it safe and put my legs away. plus, it was pretty nippy outside regardless of whether the sun was out so tights seemed necessary!

i'm not really one to delve into clashing prints really as i usually wear outfits that are simple and easy to wear and i think that you have to be pretty savvy to clash prints well and not look like an idiot, but i think i did pretty well today! what do you think? do you print-clash as well or are you scared like me?!