Sunday, 11 August 2013

the lifestyle post | sunday catch-up

hey everyone!
so first off i don't know if you've noticed but i've had a little redecoration of my blog. i get bored really easily and have to constantly change things around and move them about - i change my bedroom layout at least once a year(!) - and wanted to change up my layout and make it a little more simple and less messy. i hope you all like it and can still find anything/everything you need easily! 

so this is a different catch-up to usual - i have been away on holiday in anglesey for the past week so didn't use instagram at all while i was away. so i guess this is just a basic catch-up without all the bits and bobs that i usually fill it in with - hey, instead of pictures of my week enjoy this one of my ever-changing face!

i had pretty awful signal for the past week so my blogging was a bit sporadic and all over the place - i even got my days mixed up and posted everything a day early - such a klutz! i am now back though for a week and am planning my posts a lot better for when i'm away in ibiza - i always feel like i'm never home for long enough this summer but getting to go on all of these holidays isn't too bad is it! :-) 

i took a few pictures whilst i went around anglesey (i went with my boyfriend and his family and they are all keen walkers so we went on 6 walks over the week) that are below and it really was one of the best holidays i have had in a long while - it was really relaxing and good fun even though we were going on long walks every day. it's definitely made me fall back in love with walking as i haven't been on so many walks recently and now i'm back in the swing of it!

the only downside was that when i came home i found out my little cat had a huge abscess on his head, which really is as minging as it sounds - but thankfully my mum and i have done a bit of DIY veterinary services and he's almost back to new now. my poor little kitty cat is sat next to me now snoozing away after his past two days of ordeals of being chased around my house, poor guy!

i hope everyone is having a lovely day/week/summer and i'll see you all soon!