Tuesday, 18 June 2013

the style post | beetlejuice

striped draping shirt - love label | joni jeans - topshop
 camo jacket - topshop | chelsea boots - RI @ asos

we all have that favourite piece of clothing that we keep when we just haven't got a clue to wear, and this top/shirt is mine. i got it a good couple of years ago (maybe even 3!) from my favourite brand love label and there are so many ways that you can wear it that i don't think i'll be letting it go until it's falling apart!

today i just threw it on with my high waisted jeans as i love how there is almost a waterfall design from the shirt as it hangs at the front and i also like how the op half is slouchy and floaty compared to the structure of my jeans. i wore them cuffed up with the boots i wore literally all of winter - how sad that i have had to get them out in june! seems the english summer has well and truly come and gone in a week!

i also decided to put on my trusty camo jacket. i'm trying to get as much wear out of it as possible so the cost-per-wear is justified, i sometimes regret buying it as it was just because of a trend over winter/spring and i know soon camo jackets will go out of fashion again. but as soon as i put it on i fall in love all over again as i love how it brings masculinity to the outfits i wear it with. plus with all this rain i guess we can pretend it is still winter..