Thursday, 27 June 2013

the beauty post | i've gone dotty

barry m '36' (red) | rio nail art pen and brush in black and white
i know it's a bit excessive to do two nail posts one after the other but i tried out a new nail art that i wanted to share with you all! the other day i got pretty bored so thought might as well have a bit of a nail sesh and this is what i came up with! sadly i didn't get any photos of each stage on the nail art (because i didn't know if it would end up looking good or not!) but the design is pretty simple.

i painted my nails in this lovely bright red shade - '36' - from barry which i talked about in my rainbow tag [here] and then used the black and white pens to create dots on my ring fingers. i made my dots to be in perfect straight lines which makes it look really detailed from a way away but it would also look really good if you just popped the dots anywhere!