Wednesday, 26 June 2013

the beauty post | rainbow tag: nail edition

i've been loving reading the rainbow tags that have been flying around youtube and blogs recently so decided to have a go myself, focusing on nail varnishes. i have a huge amount of nail varnishes but always find myself using the same colours day in day out, but this post has made me rediscover some old favourites!

RED: Barry M '36'
i've had this polish for as long as i can remember - it was one of my first ever purchases into makeup and is still one of my favourite colours. i always forget how lovely it is until i have put it on my nails - it's a bright tomato red which really brightens up the nails and is so eye-catching. i also love how you can get away with only one coat as i can never be bothered waiting around for nails to dry! because it was brought out years ago it just has a boring name before barry m decided naming their polishes.

ORANGE: Nails Inc. 'Hobart Place'
i actually reviewed the set i got this polish in on my blog [here] and still love it as much as i did then. it's a really creamy orangey-peach colour that is a mixture of neon and pastel, and completely gorgeous! you can also get away with only one coat of this polish too which is never a bad thing, and the quality of this polish is amazing.

YELLOW: Barry M 'Lemon Ice Cream'
my friends bought me this polish for my birthday a few years ago. it's a lovely sheer pastel yellow that takes several coats to be completely opaque, but it's definitely worth the colour once you've finished. this one looks AMAZING with a tan and is on my nails constantly over summer.

GREEN: Nails Inc. 'Lime Street'
i got this cutesy little polish in a gift set full of vibrant and neon polishes. i never really like wearing green polsi has it can look quite snotty and is a horrid colour to pull off. this one itself is a pea-green shade and very bright. i wouldn't wear it in winter as i feel like it would wash you out and just look plain weird but i'm going to try it out over summer to see if i can love it a little more. 

BLUE: O.P.I 'Can't Find My Czech-Book' 
i've also recently reviewed this set as well [here]. it was part of the europe set and is a seriously lovely blue with an almost teal tinge to it. i do really like this colour but don't think it has the 'wow' factor that sets it aside from other blues on the market. it does scream summer at me though and reminds me of a crisp blue sea or swimming pool which gets me in the mood for holidays!

INDIGO: Barry M 'Indigo'
i am in LOVE with this colour - it almost reminds me of petrol in that it looks so many different colours depending on the light. it's a purple-blue colour that has such an amazing shine to it and is definitely without a doubt one of my all-time favourite nail varnishes. it reminds me of indigo coloured denim and is much more of a wintery shade due to being so dark.

VIOLET: O.P.I 'You're Such A Budapest'
i didn't know if 'violet' had to be a quite dark or bright purple but i went for one of my brand new polishes, which was also part of the europe set [here]. it's a lovely pale and creamy purple that has a subtle silver shimmer running through it. you do need to layer this quite a lot to get the colour of the bottle as it is so sheer but it really is worth it in the end.

and so there is my rainbow of nail varnishes! i had such good fun writing this post, from choosing the colours to taking the pictures and i am so glad to find some of my old favourites among the bunch and will definitely be sporting some of these over summer!