Thursday, 20 June 2013

the beauty post | phil smith argan oil hair transforming cream

so one of the editions of cosmopolitan magazine came with an amazing freebie a couple of months ago - this argan oil cream be phil smith.
when i first got this product i was a bit sceptical, as i usually use oil products in my hair rather than a cream. i have always loved using oil as i have learnt now how much oil to use in my hair (it's an art between too dry and too greasy!) and the thought of using a cream scared me a bit - i sound so sad here!

first thing you notice about this product is the smell - ohmerrgawwwd this stuff is good! i wish it could be bottled up and sold as a perfume because it is actually amazing! what i love is that the smell actually lasts in the hair once it is dry and i always catch whiffs of it during the day which is always a treat.

the packaging suggests using a pea sized amount of cream and then to blow dry and style the hair as usual. however, i have really thick hair and lots of it so took maybe two-three blobs instead and then worked it through my hair, focusing any extra cream on the ends. i never dry my hair or style it day to day so just left it to air-dry naturally.

this product makes my hair look so shiny and healthy and really think that this product will keep split ends at bay and help any that i might already have. the only thing i would say is that i definitely like using hair oils over this cream product as my hair generally feels much more nourished with oil, but as a free gift (and the fact that i'm currently out of oil!) this really is a product worth buying!

if you haven't already, go check out cosmo mag and buy it just for this cream!