Sunday, 30 June 2013

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my cat's such a poser | new spongebob squarepants fish house! | new two piece [outfit post here] | hilarious tee
bonding with my cat | standard selfie shot | green jeans [outfit post here] | can't beat a magnum white

so the past two weeks have been pretty mellow - nothing very exciting has happened other than working extra shifts at work, going on a night out and booking a holiday. 
i went out last friday for the first time in literal months, and it seems i haven't lost my mojo just yet as i rolled in at half 5 in the morning! i literally ran to my door out of the taxi incase any neighbours saw me and thought i was doing the walk of shame in broad daylight. there is no weirder feeling than walking out of a club and seeing the sun shining in the sky - that s%*" cray!
speaking of nights out, how cute is this two-piece that i picked up from motel rocks recently?! i can't wait for another night out soon so i can wear it. i might be heading to preston on thursday night for a few friend's 20ths so it might be let loose then!

i also booked another holiday this week with my dad and sister. it's the first time it'll be just us three going on holiday together in my life - as my parents broke up this year - which is crazy! we've booked out a villa in the algarve for a week and will be going two weeks today -aargh! that means that i am now going on 3/4 holidays this summer, which is mind-blowing! after the algarve i will be heading to anglesey with my boyfriend and his family for a week in august before jetting off to ibiza with my girlfriends for some raving and misbehaving. my sister has also booked a week to ibiza in the middle of september but the girl she was meant to be going with might have to drop out and i have graciously (free holiday!!) offered to take her place if she can't go. i feel so lucky to be able to go on three, potentially four, holidays in as many months and will definitely be making the most of my last summer as a lowly student!

this is the most action-packed summer i've ever had and am so excited for what the next few months bring, but i wanted to end this post with the best picture i have seen, EVER! so please all enjoy and really soak in what the amazing betty white has to say below..

best photo i have ever seen. ever. betty white you are hilarious

p.s; how the HELL is it july tomorrow?!?! seriously still feels like april or something