Tuesday, 2 July 2013

the style post | rainbow tag: fashion edition

i had such good fun writing my nail edition of the rainbow tag that i decided to do a fashion one this week as well! writing this up i realised how much stuff i chose is from topshop which wasn't meant to happen but most of my clothes are from there anyway so it was always going to happen! i've realised how most of these clothes are much more summery and clothes i wear over the summer as i don't generally wear so many bright clothes over winter, so this was a great post for the time i'm writing it!
dress - RI
so for red i went for my lovely pretty-newish dress from RI, which is a much cheaper dupe for the motel one (£18 cheaper to be exact!). i've worn this to death recently and can't wait to take it with me on my holidays because it's so easy to throw on and go.

dress - topshop
so orange - my seriously stunning coral dress from topshop. i got this a good year ago and love it so much. it's a quite crepe-y material and has such a flattering cut with the draping and long sleeves. the only thing i would say is that i wear this dress out and get so hot in it because it's got long sleeves!

jeans - topshop
yellow had to be my jeans from topshop - i wrote a post recently about my green ones and mentioned that i got these for a measly £10! i'm thinking of wearing them to the airport when i go away as they are quite lightweight and won't soak up all the sun when i get away.

playsuit - topshop
i realised when i went looking through my wardrobe i haven't got anything really green apart from the jeans that are exactly the same as the yellow ones above and didn't want to include both of them in this post. i decided to include this playsuit from last year as it has got a TINY bit of green on and is my favourite playsuit of all time. the crochet is really flattering and makes you look like an hourglass and i really do love wearing this day or night.

jeans - miss selfridge

i got these jeans years ago from miss selfridge and they are a super bright cobalt blue. i really love the colour of these jeans but not quite the fit - they are pretty roomy for me and aren't exactly the comfiest thing to wear but i think i'm going to try get them out more often as the colour is just so gorgeous.

skirt - topshop
this skirt was a bargainous sale-buy from two or so years ago and it's so flattering and lovely! i actually got my grandma to take the hem up a little as it was around knee length but i almost wish that i didn't now as longer hemlines are in fashion nowadays. i really love the leather-look trim as it draws the eye up and shows off the waist.

shorts - glamorous 
my shorts are from a shop near my house and from the brand glamorous. they are such a pretty colour and i love wearing them on holiday and in the summer. i've only worn them a handful of times but generally get compliments whenever i wear them which is always a treat!

so there you go, here was another batch of rainbow-esque bits and bobs, hope you liked reading this one as well!