Wednesday, 3 July 2013

the beauty post | bareMinerals all-over face colour 'rose radiance'

£16.15/ 0.85g -

so today i wanted to talk about this mineral powder from bareMinerals. it is described as an all-over face powder which has a multitude of uses, including giving the skin a youthful and flawless glow, as well as being used on eyes lips and cheeks. even more, it promises to give these results with just one sweep - not bad at all!

first off, the packaging is very simple and sturdy, i can't see this breaking and exploding all over my makeup bag anytime soon. the inside is of the general bareMinerals mineral powder set-up - the bottom is full of the powder and then there is a plastic swivel device in between that lets the product out. it does let quite a bit of product out (as you can see from the above photo) so you do have to be really careful when you're opening it!

the powder itself is a dusky rose colour with little gold flecks through it, which look really noticeable in the pan but once on the face just gives a subtle shimmer. you only need a tiny bit to go a long way and lasts forever - ive had this pot for a good few months or so and can barely tell that i've even used it!

when i first got this powder and read that it was for the whole face i thought it was crazy - a rose gold powder for everywhere?! but when i did delve in and use it for my entire face it didn't turn it into a giant tomato but was instead gave it a lovely rosy sheen - which is a lot nicer than it sounds. however, i didn't like using this way over my usual powder and so decided to start using it as a blush product instead. i found it to be a really subtle colour that really picks up the natural colour and makes it really pretty on my face. i'm not one to use blusher often, if at all, so i can't really compare it to other blushers but i do really like it. because it is mineral powder as well, i know it's doing nothing but good for my skin as well. i haven't used it yet for eye or lip make up as pink isn't a very wearable colour on the lips and i would rather use other lip products than this on my lips.

overall i would say this is a really lovely and subtle blusher, and is going to last for a really long time. however, it was over £16 so is a really expensive product and you can probably find loads of cheaper dupes on the high street if you searched.