Thursday, 4 July 2013

the beauty post | fried egg nail art

products used: barry m in 'blue moon' (#317) | rio nail art pens in white and yellow

so the other day i decided to go a bit crazy on my nails and do some nail art .. but then i realised that i am awful at being steady and patient enough for nail art and might fail miserably, so decided to do some art that didn't have to be completely perfect and pretty. that's where my idea for fried eggs came from!

i first painted my nails a pretty pastel blue - i used 'blue moon' from barry m, which needs 3-4 coats to become completely opaque but is definitely worth it for the final effect.
i then grabbed my white nail art pen from rio nails and started making uneven dots and splodges in random places on my ring finger nails. i dragged the edges around a bit to create less-perfect circles so make them look more realistic.
i then took my bright yellow nail art pen and did tiny dots in the middle of the white splodges, then put a top coat on and there you go!

it is such an easy little thing to do, and the less perfect the better which is lucky! i've had quite a few compliments since i did this art a couple of days ago and really want to expand the fried egg concept to doing a whole fry-up on my nails! (how sad did i sound then, my oh my). if i ever do get round to doing a few others (think bacon and tomatoes and toast!) then i will definitely take some more pictures to show you!