Friday, 5 July 2013

the style post | little black dress

dress - topshop

i got this dress a long LONG time ago in the topshop sale and never wear it as much as i should. i'd definitely say it was one of my favourite black dresses as it has much detail in it that there's always something new to look at.

it was originally priced at a crazy £46 but i got it for £15 - another one of my amazing bargains from the topshop sales! i got it around the end of summer last year and usually wear it as a day dress as i personally don't find it dressy enough for an actual night out.

the material itself is almost ribbed in detail and has the lace panel with a keyhole back and collar detailing around the neck. i bought it when i was having a 'collar moment' when everything i bought seemed to have a collar on it - this is one of the muted down versions of it and i really love that extra little detail.

another thing i love is how it's a size smaller than i usually am but fits me perfectly - ahhh good times!