Saturday, 22 June 2013

the beauty post | models co lip enhancer

 another free product from the monthly magazines comes in the shape of this lip enhancer by model co, which came with glamour this month. 

there was a choice of three gifts, but as i haven't got a lip liner in my collection i decided on this one. the fact that it is a 'colour suits all' meant that i thought i would be able to use it as a base for all of my lipsticks so they don't bleed - a multi-use product!

the packaging itself describes the product as a 'flesh-coloured pencil' that helps give you the illusion of fuller looking lips, which is never a bad thing is it! it also states that the pencil has been formulated with 'bees wax, carnauba wax, cocoa butter and shea butter' which just screams moisture and healthy lips to me.

the product itself is quite dark - when i first opened it and saw the colour is thought in no way was it in my skin tone and i believed that it would be really noticeable and dark on me. i also found it to be really waxy and creamy, and really soft which would feel lovely on the lips - but might not survive in hot climates so i wouldn't trust taking it on holiday with me! i do love how it comes with a pencil sharpener built into the lid as i hate using the same sharpener for lip and eye products as you can never tell what you're getting onto your product, and then your face, so i thought it was a great little extra.

i decided to really see how this pencil works, and decided to draw my cupids bow and top lip a little over where it actually stops to see how natural the colour was - and i was blown away! i was able to create a pretty perfect top lip shape, and then coloured in the gap i had between my fake lip line and my real lip line.
 as you can see from the pictures below, the lip line i created is barely noticeable and looks so realistic. the lip pencil comes out a surprisingly mellow nude colour, and really does the job it promises. all of the butter and waxes in the product also kept my lips moisutrised and nourished the whole time i wore this product. 

i would definitely recommend going and checking glamour out this month - and for only £1 (it's on offer too!) you might as well buy all three products that model co are offering this month!