Wednesday, 8 May 2013

the blogger post | liebster awards

today's post is a little bit of a different one, as i have just found out i was nominted for a 'liebster award' by the lovely Hannah of Beauty Queen
if you don't know what the liebster award is, it's when a fellow blogger tags you and asks you 11 questions, which you answer and then give 11 facts about yourself. you then go on and tag another 11 bloggers yourself with your own questions! pretty confusing (especially if you're a ditz like me!) but you get the gist!
so let's get crack-a-lacking..

1. What is your favourite song to listen to when you're sad & why?
i don't really like to listen to music when i'm sad - i'm more of a happy music person, as music always puts me in a good mood! after all, you don't want to be out in a club and then have you 'sad song' come on to ruin your night do you! so i'd say if i ever was sad, i'd put on some really good music like bob marley to cheer me up and get over my mood!
2. Who is the person that inspires you the most?
hmm, on this one i'd have to say my dad! he owns his own little newsagents and works 12 hours a day, 7 days a week so i've been brought up knowing all about money and how to save it up. i've worked there since i was 11 or 12 doing odd jobs and i know that if i fail at life and can't get a job doing what i want to do i can always take over the shop when my dad retires!
3. If there were a wish come true, what would you wish?
easy - that mcdonalds was healthy!! i really wish that all unhealthy food was really healthy, that would make life just perfecttttt.
4. Do you think that there is a time machine?
sadly, no! if only life was like doctor who and i could fly around wherever and whenever i wanted!
5. If you could go back to the past and see all the events, would you go?
yes definitely! it would make history a lot less boring if you were actually there
6. Are you looking forward to the future or you are happy with the present right now?
well, i would like to see what it's like in the future but i'm pretty happy with life right now! i don't know if i want to see what happens to me after i finish uni, as i feel really safe and comfortable knowing i still have a year left before i have to go out on my own! but it's exciting as much as it is nerve-wracking.
7. What is the phrase that will make you feel offended?
i don't really get very easily offended - but i do get pretty annoyed if my boyfriend casually says a piece of my clothing looks a bit tight!! it might be true, but no one wants to hear that! :-)
8. Do you think there is alien?
i don't think we are the only people alive! it would be pretty weird if we were, i like to think there are other planets with life just like us, a bit like doctor who.
9. Do you think you're a funny person?
i like to think so! no one wants to think of themselves as boring.
10. What is it that you hate the most?
the sound of people brushing their teeth. if its in real life, in a film, on tv - i have to leave the room. i can barely listen to myself brush my teeth! just the fact that you're scratching away at them sends shivers down my back - it's happening now just thinking about it.. urgh.
11. A favourite historical person ;)
i'm really not too great with history so i have no clue!!

11 random facts;
1) i am the only person in my family to pass their driving test first time. everyone thought i was a rubbish driver but i proved them all wrong!
2) i am also the only person who is left handed in my family - including aunts uncles cousins and grandparents. talk about odd one out!
3) i went through a horrific punk phase in my tweens, which saw me wearing black and neon pink, having hair all over my face and other embarrassments. thankfully i also hated having my picture taken then so no evidence remains apart from the memories!
3) i only got into university on results day as no universities wanted me! on the day i got BBC so applied and got through in half an hour!
4) i have an awful habit of biting my lips. if doesn't matter if i'm nervous or bored or excited - i always do it! its a really annoying problem because it means lipstick always look weird on me!
5) i used to be really short, and didn't start growing until i was 14. i suddenly grew really quickly and shot up to 5'9/10 in less than a year. 
6) i once packed a bag and decided to run away from home so i could go see a horse i used to adopt. apparently i walked to the top of my street and then came home because i couldn't remember where the horse actually was.. i'm so bright!
7) i have the worst luck with animals. i used to own rabbits, but lost every single one as they escaped and never came home! my fish also mysteriously die very often and one goldfish even turned white for some reason! thankfully my cats are the only ones to be spared so i'm grateful for that!
8) when i was about 6 my mum bought me a really expensive dress and said i wasn't allowed to play outside in it. of course i did but i ended up climbing over a fence and getting it caught on a spike sticking out. i was literally hanging from the fence from my dress and my dad had to pull me off it. there was a huge hole in my dress and my mum went crazy at me!
 9) i am the laziest person alive. at the minute, i only do one hour of exercise a week because i have a serious case of CBA! 
10) i used to have an addiction to dr pepper that ended in disaster. i drank so much once that i had to get an ambulance to hospital for an inflamed stomach or something. since then i barely go near the stuff and don't drink fizzy drinks at all really.
11) i only started writing on this blog 3 weeks ago, but have really enjoyed everything so far. i have begun talking to some really lovely people and can't wait to see what the future holds! thanks everyone who has bothered to read my blog, every comment and follower means the world to me. (soppy ending!)
and there we go! thanks again hannah for tagging me i had a lovely time writing a personal post! :-) now it's my turn..

I TAG...
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1) if you could choose only one piece of makeup to use every day what would it be?
2) why did you begin to blog?
3) who is the most important person in your life right now?
4) where do you see yourself in 10 years?
5) who are some of your favourite bloggers?
6) what trend will you be wearing the most this summer?
7) what's a beauty tip you swear by?
8) what's your favourite high street fashion brand?
9) if you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
10) are you actually going anywhere this summer?
11) what's your favourite song for the summer?

i hope you all enjoyed reading my tag, and if i tagged you please let me know when you've answered my questions! leave a quick note on here so i can come and read yours too :-)