Tuesday, 7 May 2013

the beauty post | barry m 'matt white'

barry m nail varnish - 'matt white' - £3.99
so today i painted my nails quite a weird colour. i honestly don't even know why i picked up white nail varnish a few months ago, i think it was when everyone suddenly started wearing white stillettos and because i am incapable of walking in stillettos, i decided to jump on the bandwagon on my nails.
the first time i used this polish, it reminded me of two things; 1) essex (white shoes, white teeth) and 2) when i used to get bored at school and paint my nails with tippex.
so earlier when i decided to change my nail colour, i don't know for the love of me why i chose this colour, never mind paint both my finger and toe nails! that s*** cray.
but alas, i did so i thought i may as well tell you lovely people about it..
i should also apologise for the awful nail painting attempt, i'm usually quite good when it comes to painting my nails but it seems that white nail varnish really shows up all the mistakes you make!
the name of this varnish is a little misleading, as i found it to be in no way matte. as you can see from the pictures, its a very glossy and blinding finish with not one hint of matte about it! then again, it is spelt like the boy's name matt, so maybe they didn't mean it that way at all!
i needed three coats of the polish to make it opaque on the nails, and even then it wasn't completely streak free. the consistency is really weird, it's quite thick and hard to paint evenly over the nails - i had a really hard time on the first two layers and thought there was no way on earth it would ever even itself out!

all in all, this nail varnish was a really random buy. it's definitely not a colour that i would wear all the time, but it does look really good with a tan! the only thing i would say is that you can't go putting your fingers up next to your teeth, as it makes them look really yellow - even simon cowell would have problems and his teeth are like a lightbulb.
i bought it on a whim and even though it won't be featuring on my nails a lot, i think it's a really good novelty buy that would get you a lot of attention - especially if you were out clubbing under uv lights! i'll probably be painting my nails with this when i go on holiday to ibiza this summer to make my tan seem even darker.

now please excuse me whilst i go watch my nails constantly - having your nails this bright a colour makes you hyper-aware of where your nails are and what they are up to 24/7!

p.s; sorry if i sounded super hyper and like i was off on a tangent for most of this post, i had a coffee an hour ago and i think its finally kicking in -- my bad!