Sunday, 5 May 2013

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ice cream time!! | my kitty cat | jazzing up my nails spring-time | my second kitty cat
duck salad, don't mind if i do | naughty laura! | smile fudge! | new heels #drool
i did warn you all from the beginning that i was a cat lady, and my does it show in this post! so you might be able to tell i spent a hella lot of time with my four-legged friends this week. there were also a few tasty treats along the way (duck salad i'm looking at you), a new polish on the nails and some shopping went down! i'll quickly draw attention to my new babies, these lovely platforms from! i saw them online last week and my boyfriend lovingly suggested getting them me for my birthday later this month - score! but my birthday is right at the end of may - no score!
the clothes i bought from topshop shall be making a swift appearance soon as i can't wait to wear what i bought! (i got a bikini from river island which i might put a photo up of, as it really is lovely so even if i can't(/wouldn't ever!) do an outfit post of it you can still have a gander!

i'm going out tonight seen as it's bank holiday and am so excited! i can't wait to get out and have a little boogie. has anyone else got any plans for the bank holiday?