Friday, 17 May 2013

the style post | pinafore playsuit

crop top - love label@very | pinafore playsuit - topshop | hamsa earrings - primark

i wore this outfit last week when i was just mooching around at home. i've been super excited for uni to finish for summer and to finally have some time off but now i'm off i'm bored with nothing to do! i can't wait for all of my friends to come back home from uni too for a fun-packed summer with them all.

i bought this playsuit from topshop a couple of months ago. ever since i've only worn it a number of times, and do slightly regret buying it. it was in the £30 price bracket and although i really love it when i'm wearing it i always feel so self conscious when i wear it out and about as it is so short my butt cheeks are literally hanging out! so i mainly wear it at home or when i'm just going to a friends house as i'm not that into getting my butt cheeks out.

i wore it with this crop top i got online a few years ago.. i barely wearly wear this top too as it is a crop top, but i have recently bought so mainly high-wiasted bottoms that i can't wait to wear it over summer. i almost gave it away to charity a while back but am so glad i kept hold!

speaking of, i've been thinking of getting rid of some of my clothes recently. i just have so many clothes and am always buying new stuff in. so much so, my wardrobe barely closes anymore! there are so many clothes in there that i haven't worn in donkey's years but then i always feel bad when i start going through it all. i guess i'm a secret hoarder when it comes to clothes - i always say to myself 'yeah but i might wear it again soon!'. we will have to see - i might start selling them on ebay soon!

i'm going out for a huge family meal tomorrow night for my grandad's 70th and i'm so excited to see all the fam! i'll no doubt be taking lots of pictures on instagram and going crazy, and i'll try to snap my outfit before i head out.

hope everyone is having a lovely day and looking forward to the summer! (if it ever arrives in england)