Sunday, 19 May 2013

the lifestyle post | instagram catch up

in the past couple of sunday instagram catch up posts, i've noticed an extreme amount of cat pictures. now everyone loves a good cat picture or two but when half the pictures you show include a four -legged friend you know you need to calm down!
so this week i decided to only include the one. ( big step, i know!) #catladyproblems

so here's my week in photos, hope you enjoy and appreciate more life and less cats this week! 

still lusting for my birthday shoes | another nail varnish! | toast-bagel hybrid | game of thrones & pj day
no makeup day | hilarious hippos | my friend's naughty hat | jezza kyle your faces amaze me
anyone else eat cold peas as a snack?! | chicken caesar salad | new hair! <3 | put your tongue away fudge!

instagram: laurapratt_

in completely unrelated news, i'm going to see deal or no deal at the end of may! me and my boyfriend are serious little pilgrims when it comes to dond so when we saw that tickets were free we went crazy, had a little boogie and applied for tickets! so we'll be heading down to bristol for an afternoon of noel and hopefully some big money! so excited!
(and i know i sound sad!)