Wednesday, 15 May 2013

the beauty post | nails inc. springtime nails

 another week, another nail post! today i'm showing off a little set of nail polishes i got from nails inc. there are three different colours in this set, all which I think are perfect for spring.
so lets get started!..

hobart place is a really lovely orange. it's pretty different as it isn't bright but it isn't pastel - i'd say it's a very creamy orange, like it's been mixed with milk (odd description there). i seriously love this colour and find it's one of those shades that is really flattering on everyone. i can see this looking AMAZING if you have a tan, and it would really make it stand out.

marble arch is what i'd call a blue-toned purple. it's not like any purple i've got in my collection and looks so different on the nails. it's a pretty hard colour to describe as it's really like nothing i've ever seen! i don't think the pictures i've taken here really show off this polish to it's full potential.

cumberland street is the most beautiful sky-blue. it, again, is very creamy in colour and is very close to cornflower, apart from being a slightly lighter shade. it's hard to say out of the collection which is my favourite colour as they are all so amazing!

the consistency of these polishes is very high quality - they go on smoothly and are opaque in just 1 coat!3 they are also really long lasting - i used a bog-standard inexpensive barry m topcoat on these shades, and they still lasted well over 5 days. they are such great quality and i'm really happy i found these and bought them!

sadly my mum bought me this set from tk maxx for a discounted price that i can't for the life of me remember so sorry for my lack of knowledge in that department! hopefully the set is still available from nails inc. themselves!

if you're looking for a great summer song this year look no further than this beauty! i dare you to listen to it and try to get it out of your head - practically impossible! i seriously love this song and you will too no doubt!