Wednesday, 29 May 2013

the beauty post | o.p.i euro centrale

so this was a nail polish set I got for my birthday last week from two of my best buds. they got me these four o.p.i polishes and atopshop dress which will be featured soon! 
as you can see there are four colours in the set, which are all equally lovely and are the smaller giftsized versions of the bottles.
'can't find my czechbook' is a very bright summer-sky blue. it isn't as creamy or purple-toned as the nails inc cumberland which I've talked about recently but is just a standard blue. I really do like this colour but can think of many other nail polishes that are around which would be a lot cheaper and pretty much the same colour as this.
'you're such a budapest' is a very pale lilac colour. it was extremely sheer and I put three coats on but you could still see my nail through it. I do really like this colour though as it has a super subtle glitter sheen to it due to finely milled glitter in the polish. This is only noticeable on close inspection so was a nice surprise!
'suzi's hungary AGAIN!' is probably my favourite of the set. It's a lovely cerise pink which doesn't need more than two coats to be opaque. I haven't got anything of this colour in my collection so am glad I have it now!
'OY-another nail polish joke!' is a really lovely molten gold glitter polish. The particles have a more dull than glitter appearance which I personally really like as it means that I can wear this polish on all of my nails and it is still really subtle even though it's  a glitter polish. If you follow me on Instagram you'll see how this polish looks on all my nails (laurapratt_).

So there you go, there's the set of polishes I received for my birthday off two lovely friends! 
P.S; sorry that the picture quality is a bit off in this post, I got a new camera for my birthday as well and am still getting to grips with it!