Saturday, 1 June 2013

the style post | birthday weekend: anniversary meal

dress - topshop | shoes - topshop | necklace - primark | bag - wish

so this was the first outfit of my birthday weekend celebrations!!
on friday the 24th it was me and my boyfriend sam's 2nd anniversary so we went out  and saw the hangover 3 in the afternoon and then for a meal at a posh restaurant for the night. we never buy presents on the 24th and one of us just pays for the meal each year instead - my friends all thought it was weird that we don't buy presents and that i paid for the meal this year but i don't get the big deal!

i got this dress last year around my birthday and it's become a real staple in my wardrobe. it's one of those pieces that can be dressed up or down and hides all matter of sins - i had a three course meal that night and thankfully my food baby was kept hidden!
i wore it with my all-time favourite high heels, also from topshop, which are seriously so comfy! i wear them literally every time i go on a night out because i last the whole night! they come in so many different variations as well, with lighter heels and straps so definitely go and check them out!
on the night i just threw on a mint green blazer to keep me warm when we were outside and overall i loved how simple and comfortable my outfit was!

here's a picture of me and sam on the actual night just before we left!

so this is my first birthday weekend outfit - the next two will be up over the next two days so keep an eye out!