Sunday, 2 June 2013

the style post | birthday weekend: daytime bbq

dress - RI@asos | jacket - topshop | shoes - converse | necklace - primark

second outfit of my birthday weekend celebrations! on the saturday (25th) it was my actual birthday and my friend was hosting a birthday bbq as there are three girls with their birthdays within a week so we decided to share a little party!
i had made an order from asos a few days before and it arrived on my birthday - perfectly as i had been wanting to wear this dress on the day, lucky lucky. it's such a stunning dress that is really simple and girly and easy to dress up or down. i just threw on my converse and then took two jackets with me in case it got colder later on - a denim one which is currently in the wash (but is in the picture below!) and my trusty army jacket.
it was such a lovely day with perfect weather for a bbq, it was really hot and we got all of our friends over to help celebrate, and all got very merry and very fat from all the food!

here's a picture of me with my best girl friends. jess (second left) and vickie (far right) were also celebrating their birthdays and we all had a lovely time and present swapping session!