Monday, 3 June 2013

the style post | birthday weekend: sunshine stroll

dress - topshop* | sandals - RI | sunnies - topshop
(not too sure why it looks like my baby toes don't have nails - they do, i swear!)
so the final day of my birthday weekend was meant to be spent in manchester at the 10k run where my boyfriend would have been running but he damaged his foot and went to hospital (on my birthday!) so was unable to run. instead, we spent it at home when we went on a lovely walk through the woods (he was drugged up on ibuprofen so he could actually walk along!) and then out for another tea! we've been out so much recently that i'm shocked i'm not the size of a house yet!

this dress was a present off my lovely friends who had also gotten me the o.p.i set and is so me - i actually nearly bought this a couple of weeks ago so really loved it!

i can't believe my birthday weekend is over now and we're onto june! it's crazy to think that not only am i 20, but it's also halfway through the year! thankfully my blogging will return to normal now after a crazy week and i am now implementing a spending ban on myself after weeks of buying clothes or meals out or trips down south to watch deal or no deal!