Tuesday, 4 June 2013

the style post | palm springs

playsuit - love label @ very | rings - h&m, primark and miss selfridge

i wore this yesterday when i had a lazy day at home (hence the shoeless feet!). i was just sitting outside in the garden reading the hunger games with my cats and eating strawberries and salad - how summery! i'm so glad i've finally finished uni so i can relax and do nothing but i know i'm going to get bored soon so am trying to sort out some work experience over summer - once i get off my arse and send a few cv's out!

i got this playsuit last summer from the online phenomenon that is love label. i've said before and i will definitely say it again that love label is my go-to online shop for really on-trend clothes that no one else has! recently millie mackintosh from made in chelsea has actually got a job modelling their clothes for them which means that i have seen them in all the magazines - so now a lot more people will be discovering and wearing this amazing brand!

this playsuit has a lovely silky material to it and is so well made and easy to wear. it has an elasticated waistband and two frilly tiers over the boobage area so is great if you haven't got a decent/huge rack but want to emphasise them! it's also got a keyhole buttoned back and two pockets (which is a huge positive for me - i have a thing for pockets!). i added on a few rings and pulled my hair back because it really is pretty hot today (yay!) and there you go, bob's your uncle!

the only thing i would say is that i hate how you can clearly see my bra straps! the straps of the playsuit are quite weird as they go into the middle of the playsuit and don't follow the line of the bra strap, and i can't go without wearing a bra sadly so had to deal with the double strappage! but i can deal with that, as the playsuit as a whole is so damn preddy.

i'm off back outside now to hopefully catch a little colour on me and read a bit more of the hunger games. hope you're all having a lovely tuesday!