Tuesday, 15 October 2013

the beauty post | balance me shine on tinted lip salve

all the way back in july i got this tinted lip salve free with glamour magazine. it's described to hydrate, protect and smooth away dry patches on the lips whilst leaving them with a lovely colour. 

i've got to be honest, i really don't think i personally get along with this lip salve at all. first off, the applicator is also a disappointment, as i've always hated tubes that make you use plastic to apply the product - it can be rough and feel pretty horrible on my lips. 
 i find the product itself to be really sticky, which i hate on my lips - i don't think anyone likes getting their hair stuck on their lips and getting products all through their hair! i also don't think it really that hydrating on my lips - it feels ok to begin with but starts becoming grainy and uneven after just a few minutes. instead of treating my dry patches, it just seems to cling to them and cover them up. 
the colour pay-off is also hardly anything to write home about - it only offers a sheer, almost unnoticeable colour, and definitely doesn't come anywhere close to what it looks like in the tube. it has really small particles of red and orange glitter running through the salve, which aren't visible on the lips and i don't really know what the point of them was.

the only saving grace for this lip salve is the smell - it smells so divine that i actually can find myself having a sniff of it whilst i'm rooting through my make up. it's a really fruity scent, almost leaning towards oranges rather than raspberries. i would be much happier if balance me brought this fragrance out in a candle rather than a lip salve!

overall i am happy i didn't spend my money on this product as it would have personally been a waste of my money! i really wouldn't recommend it and would much rather turn to vaseline or the nivea lip butters if you're looking for a hydrating balm. 

if however, you do want to buy this, there are several on sale on ebay, so go check them out!

ps; i feel like i've been uncharacteristically ranty in this post, why am i in such a mood?!