Monday, 21 October 2013

100 FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY - a small change..

hi guys!
as it's been getting closer and closer to the end of my giveaway i've been getting prepared with the packaging and how i'll be sending the prizes and have found some news concerning nail varnish.
i can't find out for certain whether or not i can actually send nail varnish with royal mail - many people have said you can and then there are just as many saying you can't! i thought it would be better to be safe rather than sorry and so have made a little change to my giveaway and what you can actually win. 

instead of getting the barry m nail varnish in 'coral' i have decided to add the mua pro-base eye primer instead. i thought this would go really well with the eyeshadow palette and eyeliner to create a really lovely look and will also ease my mind on whether i can actually post it or not!

you'll still get the palette, lipstick and eyeliner..
.. and now the MUA eye primer!
i do really rate the mua pro-base eye primer - read my review here - and hope the winner enjoys it as much as i do!

i hope this news is ok with everyone and that you aren't too annoyed and understand - this is the first giveaway i have ever hosted so i'm a definite newbie on this front! 

thanks, and good luck again!

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