Wednesday, 2 October 2013

the beauty post | skincare heroes

we all have those skincare products that we turn to again and again in times of need. i have creams for literally every type of skin problem i can have and none of them have failed me (as of yet!).

my skincare routine starts when i'm in the shower. i use the clearasil rapid action scrub every morning and night as it really clears all of the dirt out of my pores and makes my skin feel so smooth. i've been using this scrub for more than two years now and have never had any problems with it in terms of being too harsh or making my skin break out.

i then turn to my trusty clearasil skin perfecting wash which is a lovely creamy face wash which cleanses my skin and really gets into my pores, making them soak up all the goodness in the face wash. i generally just use a small pump all over my face and really massage it in, and if i have enough time i will leave it on for a little extra time to really soak in.

next up, after my shower, is the benefit triple performing facial emulsion. this is basically just a very light face cream which is great for oily skin, as it is oil-free. i used this to death over summer as it has an spf of 15 and offers a lot of moisturisation without being too oily and heavy. i've had this bottle now for almost 10 months and i am so happy to see it is still quite full.

though the colder months i replace the facial emulsion with the benefit total moisture facial cream. this is a much heavier version of the facial emulsion and offers so much hydration to the skin that i only use it sparingly so i don't break out. it is also hydra-concentrated so a little bit really does go a long way.

my final choice of face cream is the garnier moisture match mattifying fresh cream. this cream is the newest cream in my collection and is purpose-made for oily and combination skin. it has a lovely whipped and light feel, and is described as a 'sorbet' finish which hydrates the skin but doesn't make it greasy. i'd say it is my highstreet version of the benefit facial emulsion and one that i use every morning.

my go-to eye cream of choice at the moment is the benefit it's potent! eye cream which promises to hide dark circles around the eyes with brightening particles. i actually can't see much of a difference in terms of my circles being any lighter and less noticeable, but i do appreciate keeping my skin hydrated to keep wrinkles at bay!

my usual day-to-day primer at the moment is the nivea daily essentials express hydration primer. it is a lovely gel-like formula which glides over the skin and offer hydration as well as a lovely base for make up. it evens out my skin and prepares it for whatever else i throw on my face. it's also cheap as chips!

whenever i need a little more coverage than usual with my make up i turn to my garnier miracle skin perfector bb cream. it's quite a thick and creamy cream with a texture of a cream rather  than a tinted moisturiser. it offers enough coverage to hide any blemishes whilst still looking natural, and i really want to try the newest one out which is specifically for oily skin!

when i need to take my make up off after a long day i use my simple eye make up remover with a few cotton pads. it's a really gentle and simple (obviously!) way of taking my stubborn waterproof mascara off as well as all the other gunk around my eyes, and also seems to moisturise the skin as well.

whenever i have a little bit of time to myself i treat my skin to a good old mask. at the moment i'm using the biore clay mask as it really gets into all of the pores and gets rid of all the nasties that are hiding in my skin. i just leave it on for a couple of minutes (sometimes up to 15 minutes) and wash it off with warm water. i would just say that it really takes all of the dirt out and can leave your skin feeling a little dry so i whack on one of my creams to lock in moisture.

and there we go! obviously i don't use all of these products every month, never mind every day, but it is just a general look into how i look after my skin. i do really love each and every one of the skincare products i've mentioned above so would definitely recommend any of them!

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