Tuesday, 1 October 2013

the style post | return of the rucksack

i haven't been the owner of a rucksack since i was 15 and in year 10 at high school. i used to be crazy for them and had at least four or five roxy ones over my years at school. there's just something so easy about them and i always love having two hands free to carry my phone or coffee with!

however, after then i just gave up with them and turned to satchels and other bags and lost my way with rucksacks - it was almost as if i had outgrown them and couldn't rock them as easily as an 'adult'. that was until summer though when i decided i wanted a rucksack to take on holiday with me as it would be so easy to use at the airport. i went shopping and found this denim beauty in a shop near my house. i love the brown leather detailing which i think gives it a slight vintage twist, and then the lace makes it a much more grown-up kind of rucksack. it has a drawstring and magnetic popper to hold it all together and two front pockets perfect for my keys and lip balm. 

i really do love this bag and am currently using it for uni as it is just a stylish little change from my usual bags. as i got this from a local shop in my little ol' town i couldn't find it anywhere online. however, i went searching on ebay and found a few little gems which are my personal favourites, check them out here: 

do you own a rucksack? do you like them?

ps; i think i have been neglecting my blog in recent weeks as i have been so busy recently that it is the last thing on my list of things to do. i'm also having bloggers block and really not finding it easy to write good and interesting posts that people would WANT to read. i apologise for this and might take a week or so off just to get myself sorted out in other aspects of my life! but i am organising something exciting to do soon so do keep an eye out for that and thankyou for sticking around! X