Friday, 25 October 2013

the style post | basic friday

top & jacket - primark | vest (underneath) and jeans - topshop | boots - river island

how long do my feet look here?! so weird

bracelets - portuguese market (see post here)
i can't believe how tired i am today. well actually i can - staying up until 1am catching up on towie and misfits when i had to be up at 7am for uni probably did it. i don't even know why i let myself get so little sleep but for some reason i woke up this morning absolutely shattered but determined to do some work!

i was meant to be at uni this morning, and i set off in my car with all the intentions of getting there, but the rain and weather was so bad on the motorway i didn't want to risk it - i could just see a big accident happening on there so i came home to work instead.

so far i've already completed one of my essays for uni and it's only after 10am! score! now i'm having a little break before starting on the next one, and then i need to send a few emails and do a bit or organising. it's the first time since i started my third year at uni that i actually feel on top on my workload! 

i'm also getting my hair done this afternoon which i'm so excited for - it's been ages since i last went so my roots are coming through like mad. i'm hoping to get a few lighter streaks through as i really want lighter hair now. i'm definitely aiming to get caramel-brown hair at some point but it's really taking a long time as i used to have red hair and it's a bitch to get out after!

today i'm just wearing a basic top-and-jeans combo. i've actually be complemented quite a few times at my nack of picking up gems from primark - this jacket has been a hit at uni and people really can't believe it's primark. this sheer top is also a favourite of mine. i love the chain detailing as it means i don't need a necklace or to accessorise!

i also tried something new with my hair today, a fishtail plait that 's started right at the nape of my neck. i do really love a good fishtail plait, and it keeps the hair out of my face whenever i get attacked by this bitter wind england has picked up recently!

it's becoming so difficult to take some good photos of outfits during the day now - i usually get up in pitch black nowadays for uni and then am out of the house all day - winter lighting really does suck for outfit posts! so you will have to bear with me until i get a good routine!

i've got quite a few interesting posts coming up soon - i'm also hoping to do a few recipes as well so keep an eye out!

also, we're into the last 2 days of my giveaway so please don't forget to enter below!