Tuesday, 29 October 2013

the beauty post | clearasil ultra rapid action pads

£4 - tesco (currently on offer)
i've always been pretty lucky with my skin and rarely suffer from breakouts and spots on my face. this is always a good thing until you actually get a spot or two and don't have a clue how to treat it! 
this happened to me last week - i woke up one day with a rather grisly friend on my chin and flew into a panic over how to get rid of it. on my weekly food shop in tesco i went to the skincare aisle and found this little pot of rapid action pads by clearasil. all of the products i use day-to-day are by clearasil and i am always really impressed by them so threw this into my trolley and hoped it would help me out.

the packaging states that using a pad on the area of the post will "reduce spot size and redness in just four hours" which i was pretty sceptical about - if it was this much of a wonder product surely it would be more than £4! 

when i first opened the tub i was knocked back by the scent that came out of it. it's such a strong pungent smell which i really don't like - it smell really alcoholic and not nice at all. i also noticed how saturated each pad is. they are completely covered with the liquid and i personally liked this as it made it a lot easier to cover the entire face with the product and i only have to use one pad at a time. 

at the end of the day, i washed my face to get rid of all traces of my make up and took one of the pads to my freshly-dried face. straight away my eyes started watering from the scent - i have quite sensitive eyes myself, but i can see this making even normal eyes water! i also realised that the pad is very coarse and could easily irritate skin if used too harshly or excessively. 

once i had rubbed the pad all over my face the residue sank into my skin and i could really feel the product doing it's work and i could feel a slight difference in my skin straight away. i also really liked the tingling effect i felt for a good 10 minutes or so after - but i think it's a personal thing and for some people it would really annoy them and put them off. i then let the product work over night as i slept.

in terms of clearing up my spot, i definitely noticed a difference when i woke up the next morning. my skin wasn't as raised or red, and it was a lot less noticeable. i really do think that these pads helped my problem areas and found that the rest of my skin also felt a lot smoother and under control so i was left pretty impressed.

the packaging says that these pads can be used twice a day in the morning and night but i really wouldn't recommend this myself. i have combination/normal skin and even mine could become easily irritated if i used it more than once a week or so. i will only be using this when my skin acts up and becomes problematic rather than a part of my daily routine. i'd also definitely say to tread carefully and maybe even stay away completely if you have sensitive skin. these are pretty hardcore in terms of how harsh they can be and i really think that sensitive skin could be really wrecked by this!

overall, i do think that this product is pretty good as a weekly part of a skincare routine and can help my skin to feel really lovely and smooth. i can see myself buying these again in the future, but this tub will last me a long time until then!

this tub currently costs £4 from tesco for 65 pads.