Friday, 16 May 2014

style | i kind of shrunk my smock dress

smock dress | river island via asos
disco pants | new look 
coat | fearne cotton at very
shoes | miss selfridge
bitch face | model's own

We've all been there haven't we: got caught up in another episode of PLL and accidentally forget about that drying we put on 40 minutes ago. I'm a prime suspect whenever it comes to shrinking clothes in my house and the newest victim was my lovely smock dress that I got last year.

 It was always a tad short on me so after it got the shrinking treatment it's basically been hanging in my wardrobe looking all sorry for itself. I can just about get away with it with a pair of extremely thick tights - as long as there's not a hint of wind in the air or it would definitely be a case of 'HELLO LAURA'S BUTTCHEEKS!' so I decided to try it out with my disco pants and think it looks surprisingly nice. Smock dresses are a number one for me just because they are so comfy so I'm loving being able to wear this one still even after my slip up!

 I'm also really glad I was able to get this coat out again - I bought it a year or two ago and have never really known how to wear it just because I thought the shape was quite unflattering on me. However, now that boyfriend coats are a 'thing' I think it's a lot more acceptable to have coats which aren't the most flattering so I've barely taken this one off!

Has anyone else had a major mishap with their clothes that they have somehow been able to work?!
Let me know!