Monday, 5 May 2014

beauty | lipstick collection

Just a quick post from me today, featuring my pretty tiny collection of lip products. I'm a huge fan of colour and lipsticks on other people, but feel that most of the time I can't pull it off or really just can't be bothered with it (too many touch ups/lipstick on teeth moments). 
Although my collection is pretty damn tiny every lipstick is well loved and used pretty regularly though so I can't complain!


L-R: The Body Shop '66' | Collection 'Pink Shock' | Rimmel/Kate Moss '101' | Collection 'Valentine'
Rimmel/Kate Moss '107' | Topshop 'Macaroon' | Rimmel Moisture Renew 'In Love With Ginger'


L-R: Rimmel Apocolips 'Luna' | Benefit 'Benetint' | Revlon Colourburst 'Audacious'

I've reviewed quite a few of these lip products separately so check out the links below for individual reviews!

How big is your lipstick collection? Do you have any recommendations for me?!