Friday, 25 April 2014

beauty | l'oreal perfection colour riche nail polish in 'pistachio drage'

For the past couple of weeks my nails have been naked, just because I could never be bothered to sit down and concentrate on doing it, until today. I finished my dissertation yesterday so have been having a relaxing day off work and decided to pamper myself with a bit of a polish.

I decided to go for the most recent addition to my collection, the lovely new green shade, #852: 'pistachio drage' from L'Oreal's new summer pastels range. I decided to go for this shade over the over the other 3 available just because I have nothing like it, whereas the others were closer to my other polishes.

The polish is housed in the really sophisticated clear bottles with gold lids, which I absolutely LOVE. So chic and minimal. The brush is the typical L'Oreal flat, fat shape which means each nail can be coated evenly in two or three sweeps so it is so quick. However, I always find that the brush leaves really obvious brush streaks on the nail which is a bit annoying but goes with the layers. You can get away with two layers for an opaque coverage but I always do three just so the colour is extra vibrant.

Overall I do really love this polish - but more for the colour than the product itself. I've always found with L'Oreal polishes that they go thick and gloopy really quickly which makes them so much harder to apply evenly - around the tips of my nails are pretty iffy just because it wouldn't go on perfectly. I find this makes it chip so much quicker as well just because it doesn't sit on the nail as nicely.

The colour is lovely, I just wish the consistency was much smoother - like Barry M nail polishes, which is by far my favourite formula for polish. 

What do you think? Have you had the same problems with the formulas of L'Oreal polishes?

The L'Oreal Perfection Colour Riche nail polishes can be purchased from Boots for £4.99  here.